Ragna Crimson (Volume 4) – Your Lies Will Not Deceive Me

Ragna Crimson Volume 4 Cover

Ultimatia has Ragna right where she wants him – frozen in time. However, he is able to move and pushes her even further than before. She is saved by Nebulim but then Crimson enters the battle and takes things even further!

Ragna Crimson (Volume 4) – Your Lies Will Not Deceive Me

What happened?

Ragna pushed Ultimatia until she was forced to play her trump card in which she rewound the entire world. It depleted much of her energy, but she had enough to freeze time. Ragna stood there, unable to move, although Ultimatia thought she saw his finger twitch, but that was impossible. Only her bloodline and the King should be able to move. Nebulim flew in and attacked Ragna, pounding on him until his hands were raw. However, Ragna had barely taken any injury. Slime, on the other hand, had been pounded into a puddle. Then, Ragna got up and raced towards Ultimatia.

She tried to stop him. Nebulim tried to put up a protective barrier. Both were useless against his fury. The only thing that saved them was that Ragna had pushed his body too far. He collapsed in front of them. Ultimatia used the opportunity to have the King attack Ragna with the light cannon. When the dust settled and time began moving once more, they realised that there was another person there. This person turned to face Ultimatia and then blew up half the castle. Crimson hoped to push Ultimatia into using her powers to rewind time once more, but Nebulim wouldn’t let her. However, the screams of the people were hard to ignore.

Crimson retreated to a pocket dimension with Ragna, Chimera, and Slime. He left Golem behind for not placing all the explosives. Golem would have to re-earn Crimson’s trust. However, when Crimson attempted to retreat to the moon, Ragna woke up and was insistent on going back and finishing Ultimatia. He activated his Silverine Arts but that weakened the pocket dimension enough for Nebulim to find them. Crimson could only watch as it crumbled. They woke sometime later in a military facility. Ragna was still hurt, but that was the least of their worries. They soon found themselves answering to the Silverware Princes, Starlia Lese.

Ragna Crimson Volume 4 Ragna and Nebulim are furious

What did you think?

So, we saw a little more of the time Ultimatia tried to make Ragna a member of her bloodline. He refused and instead stabbed himself in the heart with the remains of a silver sword, stopping the process. Of course, this was a future event from the previous timeline which explained how Ragna began the process of developing the Silverine Arts. It also showed us that Crimson was the one who brought Ragna back to life and set things in motion. I loved that this explained how Ragna was able to move when Ultimatia froze time. She allowed her bloodline to continue to move and since he technically was part of her bloodline, he was free to attack. The way that impacted Ultimatia was incredible. We also saw that Crimson is as savage as we thought.

However, the thing that made me really sit up and take notice in this volume was when they teleported to the military base run by Starlia and her team. Starlia is a fascinating character and given what we were told about her, of course, she would fall for Ragna. I loved that she saw through Crimson’s bullshit too and was determined to kill him. This also sets us up for a thrilling scene where the occupants of the base try to escape from the country (which we also learned was Spain) while trying to stop a horde of dragons from destroying everything. It has the feel of a classic post-apocalyptic setting now and I love that.

Ragna Crimson Volume 4 Starlia Lese introduces herself

Volume highlights

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