Ragna Crimson (Volume 2) – You Are Not Cursed

Ragna Crimson Volume 2 Cover

Crimson is still undecided about Ragna, however, when they save a group of Dragon Slayers, an opportunity presents itself that Crimson can’t resist. With Ranga’s powers they might be able to defeat the third seat!

Ragna Crimson (Volume 2) – You Are Not Cursed

What happened?

Ragna has pushed himself too hard since inheriting the Silverine Battle Arts from his future self. It’s left his muscles in a mess and it’s going to take several days for him to recover. However, the last thing he did before collapsing was to save a group of Dragon Slayers who had recently fled a nearby city. It turned out they were attacked by a barrage of wind and they barely had time to save themselves, let alone anyone else. Crimson saw this and decided to use it in their battle against the Dragon Monarchs.

The city had been attacked by Disas Trois, the Third Seat of the Blood of the Wing. He had been ordered to hold the position and ensure that no one escaped the country. So, with nothing to do, his wind swallowed up a handful of women, trapping them in his Tempest Cell. There, he toyed with them, cutting their bodies with the wind. Crimson knew everything that was happening there, however, if they attacked now, they would surely all die, so Crimson failed to tell them of the women enduring hell.

Instead, Crimson gave the Dragon Slayers access to guns. Lots and lots of guns. However, it was the bullets that were the real thing. Ragna infused each bullet with Silverine making them deadly to dragons. After two days, they attacked. The women were barely more than heads at that point, but saving them was never Crimson’s objective. Crimson taunted Disas Trois, forcing him to charge at them. They fired at him with Silverine bullets, but the decisive attack came when they lured him towards a structure that Ragna had infused with Silverine. His wind powers left him, leaving him vulnerable to attack. They did it, they defeated the Third Seat!

Ragna Crimson Volume 2 Crimson recruits some Dragon Slayers

What did you think?

I’ve seen the first three episodes of the anime, although I’ve got it on hold now due to an overflowing schedule. Those episodes covered up to the middle of this volume and I’m not entirely sure how I feel about things. The books are darker and that’s great. Twisted, but great. However, I feel like I’ve lost interest in Crimson. They are too over-the-top and Ragna was basically absent the entire book, so that meant Crimson really took control of the stage. I definitely don’t trust Crimson but that’s not as much of a deal-breaker as their personality. Slime is also incredibly annoying so there aren’t a lot of relatable characters so far.

The final segment was far more interesting as the First Seat, Ultimatia appeared in the capital city of Celesvieera and approached the King after the city of Donapierru was destroyed by dragons. There were a lot of very cool elements here such as the city wall that absorbed sunlight in the day and released it at night to keep dragons away. It could also be focused into a weapon. However, none of that compared to Ultimatia and her ability to control time. I can’t wait to see how they try to deal with her. Maybe, Ragna’s Silverine will be the thing that stops her from controlling time around him. There’s lots to look forward to, however, this volume wasn’t as exciting as the first one.

Ragna Crimson Volume 2 Ultimatia

Volume highlights

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