Ragna Crimson (Volume 8) – We Will Never Give Up!!

Ragna Crimson Volume 8 Cover

It looks like Olto Zora has won, but no one told Starlia. She creates a silver lance and charges it with everything she has, but it’s not enough. Luckily, Ragna arrives and helps it on its way. Taratectra is down!

Ragna Crimson (Volume 8) – We Will Never Give Up!!

What happened?

Olto Zora remembered his past life as a human and how he loved the princess he served. Maybe, he could convince Starlia to become a member of the Blood of the Wing. He could certainly put in a word with Ultimatia to try to make it happen. Starlia was not impressed. She created a spear and launched it at his body. Of course, it was another fake. Before he could do anything, Starlia’s men swooped in and carried her off. One took the spear from Olto’s fake corpse and turned towards Taratectra. He threw it with everything he had and all the energy Starlia could give to it.

Ragna arrived as it sped towards Taratectra who was about to fire back at it. He grabbed it and drove it through his armoured body. There was a huge explosion. Had Taratectra been destroyed. Olto Zora seemed convinced although Ragna was not sold. He told Slime to search for Taratectra’s scent. Taratectra was not dead, but the wounds were too great for even a Dragon Monarch to heal. Olto reluctantly gave the order for Taratectra to explode his body and take the enemy down with him. It looked like everyone was going to die, but Ragna appeared, shielding the survivors from the blast.

Starlia went to Ragna to reinforce his resolve. While she aided him, she saw his future and how everyone had died. She told him that she would never let that happen again. He wouldn’t have to be alone anymore. Amazingly, they stopped the explosion from reaching the survivors and Fu started the process of teleporting them away. That’s when Woltekamui arrived, ripping Greya to pieces and pulling Starlia’s head off. There wasn’t much time, but he was determined to fight Ragna to the end.

Ragna Crimson Volume 8 We will never give up

What did you think?

It just gets better and better. This volume was utterly savage and while it looked like Starlia didn’t die, at least her head appeared to reattach before Woltekamui attacked Ragna, it would appear that she is going to be absent for a while at least. Of course, she could have died because Ragna saw her in a vision while he was unconscious. She told him about the survivors and how she was going to make an incredible sword for him, but that seemed to imply that it would cost her life. Damn it, there’s a lot that we have to wait to see what happens. These are some amazing hooks.

So, we’ve seen how powerful Woltekamui is and how easily he defeated Ragna before the teleportation took him away. We also know that Ragna seems to be unable to die, hence him being the only survivor of the cleansing of the nation originally. On top of that, even Crimson didn’t want to fight Woltekamui and recommended that the only strategy was to make sure you got away from him. And then, the volume finished with the introduction of the Dragon Scourge who happens to look exactly like Ultimatia and there are lots of them. I can’t wait to see what happens next!

Ragna Crimson Volume 8 Woltekamui arrives

Volume highlights

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