Chained Soldier (Episode 4) – Whirlwind, Himari, Roar

Chained Soldier Title

Since the appearance of the humanoid Shuuki, the Demon Defense Force has been ordered to work more collaboratively. Unfortunately for Himari, her sister is in the group they’ve been assigned to work with, and she’s crazy!

Chained Soldier (Episode 4) – Whirlwind, Himari, Roar

What happened?

Yachiho Azuma is Himari’s older sister and has been a thorn in her side for years. She looks down on Himari and expects her to fail. Kyouka can feel the tension in the room and as a way to enable Himari to show her older sister what she’s capable of and to dismiss the negativity from Yachiho, she suggests they have a training match. That way, they’ll have a better idea of how they can work together and they’ll be able to assess each other’s strengths. Tenka accepts the challenge, agreeing to single combat.

As soon as Yachiho and Tenka have left, Kyouka asks Himari if she’s prepared to do whatever it takes to win. She is, and she’ll need Yuuki as her slave for the time being. What? Well, it turns out that Himari’s actual ability is to copy other people’s abilities. However, they aren’t always perfect. When she tried to copy Shushu’s ability to grow, all she was able to do was increase her bust… So, for this fight, she’s planning on using Kyouka’s ability. Yuuki tries to warn her about the reward setup, but Himari is not going to budge.

When Yuuki transforms for Himari, he’s not as powerful as when he does it for Kyouka. He does, however, seem to have increased speed. That is going to come in handy when they fight Yachiho who has the ability to control time… Seriously, what? They don’t stand a chance! Anyhow, Himari soon learns about the reward system when her hands automatically lift her skirt to show Yuuki her panties. Then, if that wasn’t enough she jumps on him, sitting on his face. That ought to do it!

For the fight with Yachiho, they are planning on forcing her to rewind time until she can’t use her abilities anymore. They’ll need to hit her hard and fast, and they’ve been training for it. A lot! Which means, lots of rewards! Unsurprisingly, Himari and Yuuki are getting closer, although she’s not one to show him exactly how she feels. I think there’s a bit of a crazy personality streak running through the Azuma family!

What did you think?

As much as I enjoyed the fighting and then the subsequent reward, I felt like they probably dwelled on it a little too long. Admittedly, I’m just excited to see how the fight goes considering Yachiho can control time. Could there be a more overpowered ability? They appeared to drag it out so that the episode could end just as the fight started, which is a particular annoyance of mine. Don’t start, if you can’t finish it!

While this was another fun episode, it was probably the weakest so far, although I did enjoy all the crazy faces from Himari and Yachiho. Those girls have seriously got some issues. I also understand that the paradigm has shifted and men are viewed as the weaken sex, but still, I don’t see why Himari has to be such a bitch to Yuuki. Yes, that’s her character, but it’s still over the top even for a tsundere.

I did laugh at the idea that one girl has the ability to create battle arenas for the Demon Defense Force so that she can fan-girl over the combatants. Her reaction to Yuuki calling her out on it was even funnier. It’s a good job all injuries are healed inside the arena because that was a death stare if ever I’ve seen one. I wonder how this fight will end and whether it will just be Himari who now has feelings for Yuuki. I can see Yuchiho developing them too, but I’m not sure how that will happen. Anyhow, bring on the next episode already…

Chained Soldier Episode 4 Yuuki and Himari Azuma getting closer

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