Chained Soldier (Episode 11) – Death Match, Aoba, Excite

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Kyouka and Tenka are locked in a battle to the death with Aoba and the Unihorn Shuuki while Yuuki can only watch from the sidelines. Meanwhile, the other members of the Demon Defense Force have their own battles to fight!

Chained Soldier (Episode 11) – Death Match, Aoba, Excite

What happened?

Kyouka asked Aoba if she would reconsider her desire to attack the Onmyou Bureau, but she didn’t which meant that they had to fight. They couldn’t step aside and Aoba couldn’t step down. Tenka took the fight to Aoba, using her teleportation ability to stay out of harm’s way and her blackhole ability to attack, however, Aoba moved at such speeds that Tenka was forced to teleport over and over again, unable to find a chance to retaliate. Meanwhile, Kyouka was fighting against Unihorn. She’d been waiting for this moment ever since the same Shuuki attacked her home village, killing everyone she knew.

Back on the surface, Sahara and Shushu had their hands full with Coco and Kuma. Coco’s slime made it impossible for them to hit her and if they managed to do any damage, she instantly healed it. Kuma wasn’t any easier. Shushu decided it was time for Formation S, a tactic they discussed on the way there. Sahara wasn’t so sure about it, but Shushu was determined. They created a smokescreen and then ran. Coco and Kuma ran after them once they realised what was going on. However, Shushu had shrunken herself down so that Sahara could throw her directly into Kuma’s mouth. Once inside, she activated Paradigm Shift and grew…

Sahara used Mad Sheep to attack Coco with one of Kuma’s teeth, leaving both Coco and Kuma defeated. Having won, they ran off to support Kyouka and Tenka. Further inside the cave, Himari and Yochiho were struggling to fight Naon and Akuma. They seemed to be targeting Himari as they worked out how Yochihio saw through their attacks. Yochiho kept rewinding time to save Himari and launch counterattacks. However, she was running out of energy. Luckily, Himari had a plan. She activated a skill she’d been saving for a moment like this, turning her hair into guns. She fired and fired, shooting in all directions. That allowed Yochiho to work out where Naon was. Then, she simply rewound time and told Himari where to aim.

Tenka almost defeated Aoba, but she pulled her attack at the last second because she didn’t want to upset Yuuki. Surprisingly, Aoba respected that, although she still wasn’t on board with Tenka’s happy family plan. Then, Coco and Naon arrived warning Aoba that they had been defeated. Kyouka asked Aoba if she was going to back down now, but before she could answer the ceiling caved in and two beings floated down. It was the winged humanoid, Jouryuu and the snake-haired humanoid, Shikoko. They claimed to be gods, unlocking Unihorn’s bloodlust and setting him on Aoba. Kyouka and Yuuki stepped in at the end, but would they have enough to defeat them?

What did you think?

There were lots of flashy fights in this one and all were entertaining. Watching Aoba ramp up her abilities over and over again was exciting and to think that it almost wasn’t enough as she only won when Tenka pulled her punches. Surprisingly, Kyouka and Unihorn was probably the least entertaining fight in the episode which was unexpected. They had been building towards that moment for a while now. Luckily, that fight is going to continue into the next episode but with Yuuki for support this time. I really enjoyed Yochiho’s application of her time manipulation abilities. It made sense which is often the hardest thing to do with time travel-based anything.

However, the most shocking moment was when Sahara threw the shrunken Shushu into Kuma’s mouth. It was a great plan and executed flawlessly, but seeing Shushu grow and rip Kuma to pieces from the inside out was more than a little gross. Fair play, when this series wants to go hard it does. I feel like more and more shows are not holding back when it comes to violence. It’s almost gone back to the way things were in the ’80s and ’90s, and I’m loving that side of things. There is one episode left and there’s no way this all gets wrapped up there, so we better hope for another season if we want to find out what happens next! I’m definitely looking forward to more Jouryuu…

Chained Soldier Episode 11 Jouryuu and Shikoko arrive

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