Chained Soldier (Episode 2) – Curiosity, Shushu, Undress

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Of all the girls in the Seventh Division of the Demon Defense Force, Shushu is the most curious about their new caretaker. She wants to see what makes a guy tick, so when she takes a compromising photo, she gets her chance.

Chained Soldier (Episode 2) – Curiosity, Shushu, Undress

What happened?

Yuuki is settling into his role as caretaker for the Seventh Division of the Demon. He’s cleaned the dormitory until it sparkles. However, while doing so, a Shuuki attacks but can’t get through the protective barrier. Nei reassures him and explains a little bit about Mato. She’s enjoying being his superior, which is hard for Yuuki considering she’s still just a child. He has a brief run-in with Himari who still can’t seem to get used to there being a guy around. All the while, Yuuki can’t shake the feeling that he’s being watched. After preparing dinner, he heads to the lookout tower to clean that. There, he accidentally sees Himari and Kyouka going for a dip in the bath.

Luckily, they didn’t notice. However, Shushu did. She revealed herself and how she can shrink and grow her body at will. She also took an incriminating photo of Yuuki and the girls in the bath. Now, he was going to be her slave too. The first thing was to have him clean her room. While doing it, he tried to get her phone and delete the photo, however, he ended up grabbing a pair of her panties instead. Shushu didn’t care. It was just another piece of clothing for him to clean and fold. Then, just as he relaxed, she took another photo…

The other girls had to attend a meeting, leaving Yuuki and Shushu to watch over the dormitory. While they were gone, Shushu challenged Yuuki to a video game contest where the loser lost an item of clothing. Yuuki believed he was quite good at video games and tried to warn her, but she wasn’t prepared to listen. It’s not like he could refuse anyhow. Well, within a couple of games, Yuuki was naked, much to Shushu’s amusement. She’d never seen a guy before so it was all new to her.

Then, the dormitory was attacked by a giant Shuuki. Shushu grew and quickly defeated it. However, another was waiting to ambush her after she’d used up most of her stamina. Yuuki couldn’t just sit back and watch. He found Kyouka’s boot and licked it, hoping that it would allow him to transform. It worked… Kind of… He managed a partial transformation and hurried to help, but would it be enough?

What did you think?

Just brilliant. I laughed my ass off in this episode. Shushu is hilarious and while her methods leave a little to be desired, she’s basically the perfect character to fully integrate Yuuki into the group. While Nei is kind to him, that’s about as far as it goes. Kyouka sees him as a tool to get to where she wants and Himari hates him (at the moment, at least). Shushu started out using him as a tool too. She’d grown up never really interacting with a guy so that made her very curious. She trapped him and made him her slave too, which I think she was just following Kyouka’s lead. In the manga, I’m pretty sure there was a line where she mentioned wanting to make him her slave, too!

I loved the fight at the end of the episode where Shushu grew to a massive size and fought the giant Shuuki. It felt like an Ultraman or Godzilla homage with the camera angles and the way they both towered over the dormitory. However, the funniest part was when Yuuki decided that he had to help. He remembered that he transformed the first time by kissing Kyouka’s hand. Could he do the same with an item of her clothing? He tried a glove. It didn’t work, but it definitely did something. He tried her top. Better. He needed more Kyouka. I’ll admit, I was worried about where this was going, so it was quite a relief when he grabbed her boot and licked it. It could have been so much more depraved!

Anyhow, this episode finished off the content from the first volume of the manga. There are currently five translated volumes of the manga with the sixth coming out soon (I have my preorder in) so I think we could be looking at two episodes per book unless they really want to double down on something.

Chained Soldier Episode 2 Yuuki was naked when he transformed Shushu stunned

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    • It was in a good way. I guess my mind is in the gutter, expecting it to go where I thought it might. It didn’t, but this series is still hilarious.

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