Chained Soldier (Episode 3) – Encounter, Kyouka, Rampage

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Kyouka takes Yuuki back to the human world for a little relaxation. She also reveals her motivation to become the Supreme Commander and vanquish the Shuuki for good. But then an alarm sounds cutting short their break!

Chained Soldier (Episode 3) – Encounter, Kyouka, Rampage

What happened?

Yuuki transforms and carries Kyouka back so that they can get there in time. That, of course, means that Yuuki is allowed a reward. This time, his subconscious wants to help Kyouka remove her stockings. When Yuuki asks if this is the reward, Kyouka snaps. Of course, it’s the reward. What the hell else could it be? After taking care of that, they catch up with Nei, Himari, and Shushu. They’ve discovered a crater in Mato and the Shuuki appear to be gathering around it in massive numbers. It might be a nest! Either way, this would be a big win for the Demon Defense Force.

Once there, Shushu transforms her body and attacks with her giant size. Himari rushes in to support, blowing away the Shuuki with her arm cannon. Everything seems to be going well. The remaining Shuuki have already begun to merge in an attempt to fight back as a giant Shuuki. It’s just as Kyouka planned. Once they’ve merged, they will attack and cut them all down in one go. It’ll be far easier than trying to fight them all at once.

Then, out of nowhere, Shushu is hit by a beam of energy which sends her flying. In the carnage, Yuuki spots the Shuuki that Kyouka told him about – the Unihorn. It charges in and knocks Himari out of the fight too. They notice something strange. There is a girl riding on the back of Unihorn and she has incredible powers of her own. She can even talk. She starts to tell them how her brother is somewhere in Mato but keeps getting interrupted. One time it was the giant Shuuki, but she quickly destroyed that…

Yuuki attacks, but there’s something familiar about the girl. She notices something about Yuuki too, even in his altered form. Kyouka cuts Yuuki free and is about to charge after Unihorn when she sees Yuuki saving Shushu from the Shuuki. She remembers her training and helps Himari. Back at the dorm, Yuuki tells Kyouka that he thinks the girl is his sister. This changes everything they know about Mato!

What did you think?

This series is fantastic. It’s utterly ridiculous but also brilliant. The fact that Yuuki’s subconscious decides what his reward is makes the whole thing even funnier because he has no idea what he’s going to get either. Having Kyouka stand on him was hilarious, especially as she’s constantly calling him a pervert and shooting daggers at him with her eyes. I wonder how far she’ll be prepared to go to become Supreme Commander because the battles are just getting harder and harder which will mean the rewards will get more and more elaborate. I can’t wait!

So, Yuuki’s sister has been living in Mato as some sort of monster since she disappeared. Is this the power of the peaches? Can they affect different people in different ways? It would make sense since the range of powers they have been giving out seems to be massively varied. We’ve seen three girls in the same style as Yuuki’s sister, but there’s bound to be something behind them that we’re yet to see. I get the feeling it’s going to be a lot of finding out.

We also got to briefly meet Tenka Izumo (star of the ending credits) and Yachiho Azuma, Himari’s sister. That’s obviously going to shake things up a bit. Poor Yuuki is going to have to keep on his toes if he’s going to stay out of trouble, and with Shushu realising that she quite liked him seeing her naked, I don’t think he’s going to manage it.

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