Ragna Crimson (Volume 7) – Do Not Give Up! Keep Fighting

Ragna Crimson Volume 7 Cover

Crimson has seen enough! After several members of the thirteenth seat of the Blood of the Wing try to enter the base, Crimson tries to make Fu activate the magical circle. However, he resists and then Majo teleports Crimson away!

Ragna Crimson (Volume 7) – Do Not Give Up! Keep Fighting

What happened?

Fu had just defeated a member of the thirteenth seat of the Blood of the Wing who was trying to find the magic circle. Olto Zora was keen to capture it and ensure that no one escaped. He’s surprised by how strong the Argentum Corps are. He’d expected losses, but to lose mature dragons and members of the thirteenth in a matter of minutes was unheard of. However, Taratectra was busy powering up ready for another attack, so as long as they held out for five minutes, it would be fine. There was still the matter of the brainwashed humans fighting against his mind-controlled humans. That was the sort of trick he’d expect from the one who attacked the capital. Could they be here?

Olto considered bringing Woltekamui in but that would look bad, and it might be a trap. What if they returned to the capital as soon as Woltekamui arrived? What if they teleported Taratectra to another dimension? No, there were too many variables to consider. Not to mention the warrior racing towards his location with two others. The one who fought Taratectra. That seemed to be the most likely person who could be the Reaper. No, if he could just defeat the Princess, then that would be the end of this nation and he would have fulfilled God’s command.

Crimson continued to assert their dominance on the team protecting the magic circle. It was time to leave, but Fu wouldn’t do it. As Crimson tried to break into Fu’s mind, Majo, who had recently been shot by one of Crimson’s brainwashed humans teleported Crimson away. Crimson suddenly appeared in a strange place, surrounded by crumbling skyscrapers. Where had she sent him? Crimson just hoped that Ragna would follow. Meanwhile, Olto closed in on Starlia, however, Crimson had prepared her for this moment. Do not give up! Keep fighting. It will drive Olto Zora mad!

Ragna Crimson Volume 7 Starlia down but not out

What did you think?

Amazing. The carnage continues as the battle swings back and forth. A lot is going on so it can take a couple of panel rereads to make sure you get exactly what has happened to who, but that’s not a bad thing. I did find the moments where Olto was going crazy to be a little complicated to read with the voice in his head interrupting everything he was thinking or saying. In that sense, it worked really well, even if it got a little too intrusive. This has been a thrilling battle and I’m not entirely sure how close to the end of it we are.

My guess is that Olto Zora will be defeated in the next volume, but there was a moment where the Writhing Shade responded to the re-emergence of its true master – Borgius, the Verdant Sea Dragon. Borgius is the old dragon who protects Ultimatia. He decided to sacrifice himself by regaining his true form for a short period of time by absorbing the blood of everyone in the capital. No doubt, he’s going to show up at some point and, of course, there is Taratectra still hanging around. I loved the scene where we had Ragna, Shin, and Garm racing along killing dragons. They were so hyped that they could barely utter full sentences. This series is getting crazier and crazier and I love it!

Ragna Crimson Volume 7 Ragna Shin and Garm on a frenzy

Volume highlights

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