Ragna Crimson (Volume 9) – I Hope We See That Future!

Ragna Crimson Volume 9 Cover

They escaped Lese. Many, many people died and those that didn’t are scarred by the battle. The Solarians have declared an interest in Ragna, but he doesn’t share that wish. Instead, he intends to go back and finish things!

Ragna Crimson (Volume 9) – I Hope We See That Future!

What happened?

The Dragon Scourge are crazy, worshipping their god and demanding sacrifice where they feel it necessary. Luckily, Ragna does not share their beliefs and calls on their so-called god to come down and vanquish the dragons himself. When their meeting is done, Ragna wanders off alone. He spotted something during his meeting and that something led him to Crimson. Crimson takes Ragna to the base on the moon where he can be healed of all of his wounds. There they will wait until the time is right to attack once more. Maybe in three years, they will be ready.

Ragna has no intention of waiting that long and asks to leave. Golem tries to appeal to his senses, but Ragna is insistent. Eventually, Crimson opens a door and allows him to leave. However, as he approaches the door, Ragna falls down, dead. The poison he consumed if he were to go against Crimson activated. They tried to reason with him. They tried to warn him, but he would not listen. Crimson was already plotting how to use Ragna’s body to recreate the process when he stood up. Impossible. He turned on Crimson and fought off Chimera. Finally, he asked Crimson where his heart was and then left.

Back on Earth, he met up with the surviving members of the Argentum Corps who had come to the same conclusion that he had – Starlia was still alive. Woltekamui must have taken her back to the capital, so that was where they would go. Of course, the dragons were waiting for them. The battle caught Crimson’s attention when time did not freeze. Had Ultimatia lost her powers? If so, this was the best opportunity that could ever be presented to them. Woltekamui would be busy with Ragna. The Argentum Corps would keep Olto busy. It was perfect. Crimson decided to make a move after all.

Ragna Crimson Volume 9 The Writhing Shade merges with Borgius

What did you think?

I was quite certain that Starlia hadn’t died so it was nice to see that I was right. Whether she’ll survive much of the next book, however, is a very different question. I’ll be disappointed if she doesn’t, but sometimes that’s the way the story needs to go. There was a lot of setting things up in this book as we met with the Dragon Scourge, then Crimson, and then we saw what Woltekamui was doing with Starlia. Amazingly, he wanted her to make a sword for Ragna so that he could fight him at his best. These crazy villains who only want to fight the best!

I loved the scene with Crimson where Ragna somehow survived the poison and then told him off. I’m not sure I buy into Crimson’s idea that Ragna has just been lucky and I don’t think they do too. If anything, surviving the nanotech poison should be proof that he’s invincible. There’s more to Crimson’s “curse” too. The story is getting more and more intriguing. I’m hoping at some point we’ll get a good explanation as to how this world came to be. It’s obviously set in the distant future, so something happened to make the dragons and set the world back to a period reminiscent of the medieval period. Also, did I spot Leonica in one panel when Garm was praising Ragna for inspiring him and others?

Ragna Crimson Volume 9 Woltekamui ready to fight Ragna again

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