Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs (Volume 4) – Well? Are You Sufficiently Aroused?

Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs Volume 4 Cover

After surviving the summer school trip, Kogarashi was invited by Nonko to stay at the beach with her, Yuuna, and Oboro. However, they soon stumble upon a couple of ghosts who need their help. Could this be the key to helping Yuuna pass on?

Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs (Volume 4) – Well? Are You Sufficiently Aroused?

What happened?

Since it’s a school trip and they are staying at a nice hotel, Yuuna is keen for the boys to sneak into the girls’ room and stay up late talking. It’s a nice idea, but the teachers are prepared for it and have post stationed at the stairs and elevators. Luckily, Kogarashi was once possessed by a mountain climber and can scale the most impossible of walls. Not long after arriving, however, the teacher comes into the room. Everyone dives into a futon and pretends to be asleep. Of course, Kogarshi finds himself sandwiched between Sagiri, Chisaki, and Yuuna. They get a little too close and Yuuna accidentally activates her poltergeist powers. It gives Kogarshi a chance to flee out the window and the girls claim it was a prank.

Once they are home, they have some exams to study for. Yuuna sees how hard they are working and makes some yummy snacks for them. Oboro sees this as a chance to make Kogarshi fall in love with her and adds a love potion to his snack, courtesy of Koyuzu. However, the snacks get mixed up and it’s Sagiri who gets the potion, falling instantly in love with Kogarashi. Thankfully, it wears off but it also only works by amplifying the target’s existing feelings! Once their exams are over, Sagiri and Yaya head home for the summer, and Koyuzu goes to stay with Chisaki.

Nonko decides to take the others to the beach for a spot of relaxation. Of course, this works out as a great chance for Oboro to further her attempts at gaining Kogarashi’s affection. To begin with, they all make him apply sunscreen to their backs. Oboro wants him to do the front too, but he’s not falling for that. After Yuuna reacts to him applying sunscreen to her back, Kogarashi spots a ghost on a clifftop while flying through the air. She’s waiting for her fiance to come to her and has been for thirty years.

Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs Volume 4 Nonko explains why Yuuna won't become an evil spirit

What did you think?

At first, I thought the anime covered the first two volumes, however, it would appear that they went through several books picking segments to weave together. I’m quite certain that the ghost on the clifftop was in the anime, and I love what that small arc tells us. We’ve been told that if a ghost stays in the real world for too long, they become an evil spirit. However, those two ghosts had been there for thirty years without changing. The reason was that they could see one another. Most ghosts spend years without being able to interact with anyone and slowly lose their grip on humanity. Thankfully, Yuuna is surrounded by people who can see and interact with her. That means that the series doesn’t have to end with Yuuna passing on. That is a massive relief.

Of course, it also sets up the story to try to find out who Yuuna was before she died and what happened to her. She only has memories of being a ghost. I am thoroughly enjoying this series and am still on the lookout for a copy of the Blu Ray which seems to be almost impossible to find. Sure, I can watch it on streaming, but this is one of those series that I would love to own. Also, this volume ended with Kogarshi impressing Sagiri’s grandmother who has challenged Sagiri and her cousin, Hibari to make him their husband. Ha ha! I’m not sure when they are going to stop adding girls to the group, but so far, I have no complaints. Keep them coming!

Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs Volume 4 The girls in the bath on top of the hotel

Volume highlights

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