Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs (Volume 3) – Some Kind of Perverted Girl…

Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs Volume 3 Cover

Chisaki has come to Yuragi-sou to hang out with Yuuna. Since Kogarashi is going to be out all night with his job, she decides to stay over. But then, Kogarashi comes home and climbs into bed unaware that Chisaki is there…

Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs (Volume 3) – Some Kind of Perverted Girl…

What happened?

Chisaki has a lot of fun with the girls at Yuragi-sou, especially getting to enjoy the hot springs. She’s been such a good guest that she’s been invited to come over whenever she wants. In fact, why doesn’t she sleep over since Kogarashi is working overnight? It’ll give her a chance to see how the sleeping arrangements work with Yuuna and Kogarashi sharing a room. Her first experience is when she wakes up to find that she can’t move. At first, she thought it was sleep paralysis, but it turned out to be Yuuna, lying on top of her! Does she do that when Kogarashi is sleeping there?

To Chisaki’s surprise, Kogarashi comes home early and gets ready for bed. She shuffles onto Yuuna’s futon and pretends like she’s not there. Easier said than done when Yuuna starts to move in her sleep again. Chisaki was about to tell Kogarashi that she was there, but he had already fallen asleep. Then, following a series of fairly outrageous situations, Chisaki ends up sitting on Kogarashi’s face with no panties on. It was entirely an accident, but she’s mortified. She tries to get back into bed before he notices, but he wakes with a start. So as not to be accused of being a pervert who likes to sit on guy’s faces while they sleep, she pretends to be asleep, even though she’s got everything on display. Kogarashi simply puts the blanket on her and rolls over. Maybe, she has nothing to worry about with Kogarashi and Yuuna sharing a room!

Then, Oboro comes into the room and attempts to seduce Kogarashi once more, even with the others sleeping beside him. He tells her that he’s not prepared to have a baby with her because he doesn’t love her. Well, now that Oboro understands the obstacle, she can work out how to overcome it. Now, how does someone make a man fall in love with them? There are lots of girls in Yuragi-sou, so she decides to ask them all for some advice!

Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs Volume 3 Chisaki pretending to be asleep with her bum exposed

What did you think?

I am dying! This volume was hilarious. Unlike the other ones, this one had fewer stories which meant that they each got more time which was great. I loved the first one where Chisaki stayed at the Yuragi-sou and had an insanely awkward night with Kogarashi. That was hilarious. Then, we were introduced to a new girl – the student president of a prestigious all-girls school who was being haunted. That was a lot of fun and hopefully, we’ll see more of Shiretsuyu Renge because she was unlike any of the other girls in the series. There was a short arc which followed Nakai as she attended junior high because she is eternally thirteen years old. I felt like that was in the anime, so some stuff may have appeared out of order.

We had one long segment that followed Oboro as she tried to learn how to make Kogarashi love her, which was funny and sweet, but mostly funny. I loved Nonko’s reaction to her questioning the most. And then, we had the final arc which followed Kogarshi’s class as they went to summer school. It featured all the usual summer school activities such as bikinis, hydra-eels that attack women and destroy their bikinis, and a walk of courage where Chisaki tried to make others believe that Kogarashi was a psychic because she felt bad that others made fun of him for it. I’m only three books in but I love this series. It’s funny, cute, sexy, raunchy, and hilarious all at once. I’m glad that I decided to read through the whole series rather than jumping back and forth between too many different stories.

Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs Volume 3 Hydra Eel stripping Chisato and Sagiri

Volume highlights

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