Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs (Volume 5) – That’s Way Worse Than I Imagined!!

Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs Volume 5 Cover

Kogarashi finishes the summer by attending a nekogami festival, but it’s not until he gets home that things quickly get out of control. Oboro has missed him and is keen to make up the time apart, and there’s a new transfer student!

Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs (Volume 5) – That’s Way Worse Than I Imagined!!

What happened?

At the nekogami festival, Kogarashi saw Yaya bewitching and taming the nekogami with some charms, but then the nekogami of delinquents showed up and planned on ruining her performance. Luckily, Kogarashi was on hand to remove its sunglasses with a well-aimed toothpick, ensuring the festival continued without a hitch. However, when Kogarashi got home he walked in on Chisaki, Oboro, Yuuna, and Koyuzu doing an idol performance, although he claims that he saw nothing. The first day back at school was eventful too as a new student arrived and she was looking for Kogarashi. It was Oboro and she was desperate to resume their together time in the hopes of becoming his mistress. That interfered with every aspect of school that day. Needless to say, Oboro didn’t return to the school again… as a student…

Surprisingly, there was another new student and this one was also looking for Kogarashi. This time it was Hibari, Sagiri’s cousin. She was also moving into Youragi-sou, however, she was stunned to see the living situations there. Firstly, there was Oboro who undressed and then climbed into Kogarashi’s lap. Then, there was Nonko who arrived at the dinner table wearing a micro-bikini. Finally, Hibari learned that Kogarashi shared a room with Yuuna. She was shocked that Sagiri had allowed things to become so chaotic and resolved to straighten it all out by making Kogarashi her boyfriend. There was just one obstacle. How could she compete with her rivals’ boobage?

Hibari turned to Chisaki for help and then decided that she was actually her main rival. However, Chisaki’s mother was more than happy to give Hibari some techniques to help her develop her chest. It involved a massage that worked best if you imagined it was being performed by your desired target… That would have to wait as the school festival was on and everyone needed to do their part. Even Yuuna managed to get a part in the school play! Meanwhile, Kogarsahi seemed to be involved in everything!

What did you think?

I really enjoyed the addition of Hibari in the last volume, but that was nothing compared to this one. When she arrived at Youragi-sou and saw what was going on, it worked like a reminder of just how insane the situation was. Even cleverer was the fact that we have become like Sagiri. We just accepted it for what it was and thought nothing of it. To an outsider who hadn’t seen the development, it must have been shocking. That was actually some very clever writing. This isn’t just a goofy harem romance… or it is, but it’s really well written. There’s a natural assumption that harem romance must be trash and there certainly have been plenty that are, but to assume they all are is the laziest sort of mindset.

I still love Oboro. Her determination and lack of inhibitions are hilarious and continue to keep me entertained. I also like the extended cast members who pop up from time to time. Characters like Uraraka and Hyoudou are always fun. Basically, this series continues to impress me and I hope it does so for the remaining volumes. I’m also hoping for some larger storylines similar to the one that introduced Oboro to us that would complement the smaller single-chapter arcs that are so effective. Also, any time that Kogarashi is able to do something because he was once possessed by a professional is hilarious. It’s the ultimate cheat as far as the writing goes, but it’s an effective one in the context of this story.

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