Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs (Volume 18) – Child’s Play!

Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs Volume 18 Cover

With three of the strongest beings in the world living in Yuragi-sou, they need to be a little more careful as attacks could come from anywhere. However, they never thought that they would come from within!

Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs (Volume 18) – Child’s Play!

What happened?

Oboro went around the girls with a plan. She had realised that the more she threw herself at Kogarashi, the more she became to actually like him and was simply using the pretence of creating a strong heir for the Ryuuga family as a way to follow her desires. However, she also loves everyone who lives at Yuragi-sou and can’t see a way for everyone to be happy. Well, that was until now. She gathered them together and suggested that they become a Shogun’s harem. They would all marry Kogarashi and bear his children, that way they would be able to protect the world for generations to come. Only Yuuna seemed to want to entertain the idea…

Regardless, since they had Yuuna, Kogarashi, and Nonko all living under the same roof, it made sense that they would become a target for those seeking power. If they could get rid of them, then the world would belong to the victor. As such, Yuuna placed a powerful barrier over the manor and gave everyone teleportation cards for emergencies. They also all decided to sleep in the common area for one night. However, when they woke everyone had reverted to a younger form of themselves, complete with their memories at that time, so no one knew each other. Only Yuuna was not impacted. She tried to calm the situation and explain what had happened.

Unfortunately, they were attacked by Shakuhito from the Yoinozaka, Nonko’s little brother. He claimed that he wasn’t there to hurt them. Even stranger, Miria had vanished. Yuuna followed her to her apartment in Tokyo and was quickly restrained by someone. Back at Yuragi-sou, they were attacked by Tenko Nadare, the head of the Tenko family. He sought to erase Kogarashi, Yuuna, and the Yoinozaka so that he could bring about a new age of peace. It turned out that Maria had been hypnotized and forced to spike the drinks, turning everyone into children by her father and his plans to climb the family ladder. Their only hope to return to normal was to defeat Nadare which wasn’t looking easy given their current forms.

What did you think?

After the emotional turmoil that followed the last volume, this was a fairly less impactful event. Of course, the story is become more and more focused as we get towards the end. We’re really zeroing in on the power that Kogarashi possesses and how that is keeping the world together. Along with Yuuna, they are unstoppable and as such no one is willing to disturb the peace. Unless they can get them out of the picture, hence the underhanded techniques that are being deployed. That makes for a pretty exciting story and also allows us to see a little more of Kogarashi’s past which helps to explain his life even more. We knew that he was in mountains of debt because of a day trader possessing him, but the way in which he took on that debt was impressive for someone so young.

I had to laugh at the spiritual training scroll and how that forced Kogarashi to do the process over and over again so that each of the girls could get a quick power-up. That said, I’m not loving the fact that the entire cast has been turned into children. That might work in a different series, but not something as heavily focused on the ecchi side of things as Yuuna. Honestly, I’m not a huge fan of most stories with children in so having the entire cast revert to that form wasn’t my ideal situation. It’s not bad from a story point of view, but it’s not the choice I would have taken this series in, especially after how well done the last volume was. Dealing with the information that Chisaki had should have been a more interesting path to explore.

Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs Volume 18 Everyone has reverted to being children

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Series Information

English TitleYuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs
Japanese TitleYuragi-sou no Yuuna-san
GenresComedyEcchiHarem, Romance, Supernatural


Series ReviewYuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs
AuthorTadahiro Miura
ArtistTadahiro Miura
1Because it’s Haunted, Right?
2Some Time Back I Got Possessed…
3Some Kind of Perverted Girl…
4Well? Are You Sufficiently Aroused?
5That’s Way Worse Than I Imagined!!
6Is This… Jealousy?!
7All You Have to Do is Come Get Him…
8Subjugation Ceremony Complete
9Your Girls Will Inevitably Just Pop Out!
10Stairway to Heaven
11Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You
12I Can’t Give Up Without a Fight
13The Great Water War!
14An Unwanted Exorcism
15Who is the True Tenko Genryusai?!
16A Family Wedding!
17That’s the Woman I Fell in Love With!
18Child’s Play!
19All-Out War!
20Let’s Get Metaphysical!
21Trick or Treeeeat!
22Get Out of My Body!
23For the Days We Would Spend Together…
24I’ll Be With You Forever…

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