Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs (Volume 2) – Some Time Back I Got Possessed…

Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs Volume 2 Cover

Kogarashi’s life has changed a lot since moving into Yuragi Manor. So far, he’s won over Yuuna, but the other girls still have their doubts about living with a man. Hopefully, he’ll get a chance to change their minds before the worst happens!

Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs (Volume 2) – Some Time Back I Got Possessed…

What happened?

Sagiri is a shinobi demon slayer who takes care of yokai that get out of control. Her latest mission, however, will require Kogarashi’s help. He instantly agrees, but soon finds himself on a pretend date with Sagiri in a park. There is a new yokai that attacks couples, dissolving their clothes with a black fog. At first, Sagiri struggles to play the part of a doting girlfriend, but once Kogarashi suggests they link arms, the fog appears and begins to eat through the clothes. They don’t have much time to find the yokai before they end up completely naked. Kogarashi punches the air and clears the fog, giving Sagiri a clean shot of the yokai which she dispatches with ease.

Chisaki hasn’t forgotten how Kogarashi and Yuuna helped her out with her possessed stuffed toys. She wants to thank Yuuna, so she sees if that’s something Kogarashi can make possible. Unfortunately, he can’t, but Yuuna can move objects so she spends the day chatting with Chisaki using a pencil. Unfortunately, that gets her in trouble with her teacher and she has to stay behind to make up for it. Yuuna stays with her and that gives them a chance to get to know each other better. Chisato allows Yuuna to inspect her uniform so that she can change her form and then Yuuna grabs Chisato’s hand and uses it to show Chisato what she looks like.

Kogarashi got to spend some time with each of the girls of the Yoragi House, but then Yuuna was kidnapped by a local god who decided he would marry her. He charged headfirst into the Black Dragon God’s castle while Sagiri and Koyuzu searched for Yuuna. Kogarashi bought them some time by playing up to Genshirou’s concerns that he had been living with Yuuna. Eventually, Genshirou punched Kogarashi into the ceiling of the underground cave. However, Kogarashi survived and then punched Genshirou, hitting him through the castle. After an intense battle with Oboro, Genshirou’s retainer, Kogarashi suggested a peaceful conclusion. Oboro decided to listen as there might be something in it for her…

Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs Volume 2 Kogarashi punched Genshirou

What did you think?

This volume was less of a continuous story than the first volume as it was made up of a number of different mini-arcs. Each one followed a different girl as she became closer to Kogarashi. I remembered all of them appearing in the anime except for one. Kogarashi had cleaned the baths so as to reduce the cost of his meals. However, as he finished a sleepy Koyuzu walked in and started to prepare for a bath. She used her leaf powers to turn a bucket into a sponge, a mop into a bottle of shampoo, and Kogarashi into a bottle of body wash. In that form, he couldn’t do anything to alert anyone to his situation, so when the girls came in for a bath and started using the body wash to clean themselves before heading in, it was like they were rubbing Kogarashi all over their bodies. I laughed so hard. This was utterly ridiculous, but I loved it.

The scenes where Kogarashi helped Nonko finish her latest manga volume were great too, especially when she needed reference pictures to draw from and had Kogarashi grope her! There was one scene in the manga that I felt the anime did better and that was the one where Chisato and Yuuna got to know one another. I remember watching that episode and thinking that it was insanely hot. Almost embarrassingly so if anyone had walked in while I was watching it. The manga, however, didn’t quite hit those heights. It was still good, but not as hot. Anyhow, this volume ended when the anime ended. I’m a little surprised that they turned two volumes into twelve episodes, but that also means that the next twenty-two volumes will be new and undiscovered! I’m excited…

Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs Volume 2 Nonko Yaya and Sagiri covered in Kogarashi body wash

Volume highlights

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