Overlord (Episode 8) – Twin Swords of Slashing Death

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After finishing up at the guild, Momon heads to Nfirea’s shop with his grandmother, however, when they get there something isn’t right. They find the Swords of Darkness, three turned to zombies and Ninya tortured to death!

Overlord (Episode 8) – Twin Swords of Slashing Death

What did you watch?

After a while travelling with Momon and Nabe, you start to forget that he is a lich wizard and overlord of a tomb of monsters. I think that’s one of the interesting things about him. He can be kind, but you will never know if it’s a real feeling or not. The same can be said for his darker moments. Is he just playing up to the role or has he really become his character? Anyhow, let’s dive into this episode and see what it tells us.

Overlord Episode 8 Momon fighting undead

What happened?

Momon burst into a room at the back of Nfirea’s shop and found the Swords of Darkness. Peter, Lukeluther, and Dyne had all been turned into zombies. They climbed to their feet and staggered towards Momon who cut them down with a second’s hesitation. Ninya, however, had not been turned. It also became apparent that Ninya was actually a girl posing as a boy. She had been tortured to death. There was no sign of Nfirea. Lizzie, Nfirea’s grandmother, begged Momon to save him, however, he told her to make an official request. There needs to be a paper trail if he is to claim the recognition that might come with it. She asked him what he would have an old lady pay. He said that he wanted everything.

Once he had accepted the quest, Momon had Nabe cast some spells to locate the attackers. Since they took the adventurer’s tags it should be easy. They were led to the cemetery where they discovered an army of undead. Momon and Nabe rushed inside and fought their way to Khajiit and Clementine. Momon left Nabe to take care of Khajiit, he would personally deal with Clementine. She seemed to be quite certain that she would easily defeat him, and even listed the four people that she believed were stronger than her. Momon continued to antagonise her, growing tired of her chattering. In the end, he simply told her to shut up and fight!

Overlord Episode 8 Momon tells Clementine that she's in his way

What did you think?

It was a good episode with lots of little pieces of information and some wonderful dialogue. I loved the exchange between Momon and Clementine as she was massively underestimating him and told him exactly where she saw him. I am a little surprised that someone could get to the place she is without exercising a little caution. Maybe, she has become complacent since no one has challenged her in so long. Even the strongest animal wouldn’t charge into every battle without hesitation, not when failure means death. Admittedly, the existence of healing potions does somewhat limit that as an injury in the wild will usually lead to death anyhow. Still, it was an amazing ending, setting up a double-header in the next episode. It’s going to be explosive.

Overlord Episode 8 Momon and Clementine finding somewhere to fight

What was your favourite moment?

What happened to the Swords of Darkness is a stark reminder that this is a vicious world where anyone can die. It certainly was a shock to see all of them die, especially when I thought for the briefest moment that Momon might be able to save Ninya. I’ve also got to wonder what that’ll mean if we ever get to meet Ninya’s sister, and quite frankly, we better since there have been two teases about her. Again, it’s hard to call it a favourite moment, but I appreciate the storytelling involved. Killing a character isn’t something that you should jump at. There needs to be a reason, even if it is just to show us that the world sucks.

Overlord Episode 8 Momon finds Ninya

Who was the most impactful character?

It has to be Momon because of one moment. Momon asking Lizzie to give him everything he has to save Nfirea comes across as being fairly twisted, however, that may not be the case. We’ve already seen how he told the villagers of Carne Village that his protection was not free. He did it then so as to ease their suspicion as to why he saved them. Knowing that, it’s very possible that Momon has some plan for Lizzie and Nfirea, he certainly was interested in Nfirea’s ability when he heard of it, and having a renowned pharmacist is going to be handy too. It seems to be if Momon/Ainz has a use for you, you might be able to survive.

Overlord Episode 8 Momon tells Lizzie his price

What have you learned?

This episode, like a lot of the others, did a wonderful job of dangling more and more hooks for the audience to latch onto. Peter told Ninya to run because his sister needed him. We’d heard about Ninya’s sister in an earlier episode, although it made it sound like she was dead. Now, we can assume that she isn’t and at some point in the future, this information will come to play. We heard a bunch of names of powerful warriors. We’ve already met Gazef, but that means there are more that we will surely meet. This is the sort of world-building I can really get behind. We told enough to pique our interest but not too much as to bog down the story with exposition. The important thing now is that the story eventually tells us more. Don’t leave us hanging!

Overlord Episode 8 Clementine iching for a fight

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