Cautious Hero: The Hero Is Overpowered but Overly Cautious (Episode 5) – This Goddess is Too Spooky

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Seiya returns to the Divine Realm with Ristarte and his new baggage carriers, Mash and Elulu. While there he confronts a violent exhibitionist and trains with a darkly depressed god of war.

What happened?

While in the Divine Realm, Ristarte finds gods to help develop Mash and Elulu’s skills, but she also bumps into Valkyrie who threatens her. Seiya confronts Valkyrie and demands that she train him, but she’s more likely to kill him. Ariadoa intervenes and introduces Seiya to Adenela, the god of war. Seiya begins his training and as with Cerceus, Ristarte starts to see a change in the god training Seiya. This time, however, Adenela falls in love with Seiya and asks to become a member of his party. He refuses and she goes on a rampage. Back on Gaelbarde, Mash and Elulu take Seiya and Ristarte to the Dragon’s Den where they learn that Elulu is destined to become the great weapon, Igzasion.

Cautious Hero Episode 5 Adenela Loses It

What was your favourite element?

As soon as I saw Valkyrie, I knew this was going to get interesting. Then, when Seiya asked Ristarte who the exhibitionist was, I grabbed my popcorn and sat back, waiting for the drama. Luckily, I didn’t have to wait long as Seiya approached Valkyrie, called he an exhibitionist, and demanded that she train him. I love his lack of a filter and his inability to talk to people on anything but a blunt manner. I was a little disappointed that nothing more came of it, although I’m certain we’ll see Valkyrie again. Other than that, the stuff with Adenela was hilarious, especially when she offered him the cake she’d baked.

Cautious Hero Episode 5 Seiya and Valkyrie

What have you learnt?

When introducing new characters, it’s nice to ease them into the story. With Valkyrie, we get a very brief meeting where she attacks Ristarte and then wanders off. Of course, Seiya ensured that she remains in our head, even beyond her fashion sense. That was all we saw of Valkyrie in this episode, but it was enough to make her interesting, memorable, and make us want to see more of her. Next time, when she shows up, we won’t need any long introductions as we already know enough about her character from this brief interaction. It just goes to show that introducing characters through action is far more effective than a narrative dump.

Cautious Hero Episode 5 Ristarte is Worried about leaving Adelena like that

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