Sabikui Bisco (Episode 11) – I’m Bisco!

Sabikui Bisco Title

The Tetsujin stomps toward Imihama destroying everything that would stand in its way. Tirol is transporting Pawoo to meet up with her troops. However, Milo has already caught up and continues the fight.

Sabikui Bisco (Episode 11) – I’m Bisco!

What happened?

Tirol picked up Pawoo and is driving her to meet with her men… although the car she’s driving is incredibly slow. She also has an operator’s manual for the Tetsujin. Pawoo isn’t sure she can trust Tirol, but her main thoughts are about saving her brother Milo.

Meanwhile, Jabi and Actagawa arrived to protect Milo from the blast from Tetsujin. Jabi was hurt in the attack and is left behind to heal as Milo goes after the Tetsujin. Before they part, Jabi wonders if the Tetsujin is somewhat akin to a god. However, the Rust Eater has the ability to destroy the god.

The Tetsujin is headed towards Imihama and the Tetsujin Town is in the way. Amazingly, the kids make the smart choice to run away. Their lives are more important than the town. Nuts tries to distract the Tetsujin while the others escape. Unfortunately, the Tetsujin has caught up with him and is prepared to attack.

Milo blocks the attack and returns several more of this own. Then, Pawoo, Jabi, and Tirol arrive, however, they are forced to hide underground when the Tetsujini unleashes a Rust cloud. It continues towards Imihama but Milo catches up again. He’s attacking it with a knife when he finds Bisco’s glasses embedded in its head. The Tetsujin tosses him aside, but then Bisco pulls his body out of Tetsujin.

Sabikui Bisco Episode 11 Milo Nekoyanagi versus Tetsujin

What did you think?

It looks like they weren’t going to let the only character with their name in the title remain dead for long. I’m kind of a little disappointed because we’ve had time to process the loss and Milo seems to have taken on Bisco’s mentality. I prefer Bisco to Milo as a character, but it seems unnecessarily cruel to have Milo effectively kill Bisco only for him to come back.

Having to kill his best friend could have and should have been a major event in this series. I would have rather seen Milo use that grief to push him on and make him stronger in the hopes of living up to Bisco’s expectations. It feels like we’ve been cheated, especially as like Kurokawa’s consciousness entering the Tetsujin, Bisco’s return has not been foreshadowed.

I don’t know if I’m just thinking about Akira all the time now, but there was a kid watching the fight on a big screen who looked remarkably like Kei from Akira. Either I’m at the point where I’m just seeing Akira in everything they do or they are trying to plant that seed. Again, I just want to know if there is some significance to it or not. Anyhow, on the last fight of the season with the newly resurrected Bisco.

Sabikui Bisco Episode 11 Definitely not Kei from Akira

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