Sabikui Bisco (Episode 12) – Bow and Arrow Duo

Sabikui Bisco Title

The battle to stop Kurakawa and the Tetsujin he appears to have bonded with rages outside Imihama. Can they stop him before he’s able to turn everything to rust?

Sabikui Bisco (Episode 12) – Bow and Arrow Duo

What happened?

Tirol worked out that they would need to destroy the pilot operating the Tetsujin if they wanted to stop it. The only problem was the iron plate mask protection that vulnerable spot. Pawoo volunteered to do it. With her staff, she could easily focus all her strength on that one spot and break the armour. She just needed a boost to get high enough. Before taking on this perilous task, she kissed Bisco.

Pawoo managed to hit it perfectly, splitting it in two. Now, they could see Kurokawa’s figure bonded to the Tetsujin’s head. It tried to fight back, even rusting Bisco’s eyes shut as he attempted to hit Kurokawa with an arrow. Milo steadied Bisco. They loosed the arrow and it flew towards their target. It left a hole in Kurokawa’s head and then the Tetsujin was overwhelmed by Rust Eater mushrooms.

With the battle won, Milo and Bisco had a chance to reconnect after his death. It would appear that Bisco was now part Rust Eater mushroom. Jabi wanted to see how they were, but Pawoo told him to give them time. If she knew her brother, he wouldn’t forgive her for interrupting. At least, they were all alive.

Milo and Bisco left Imihama on their quest to irradicate the rust. Pawoo became the new Governor and declared independence from Japan, denouncing their treatment of Mushroom Keepers. Meanwhile, Tirol vanished not long after the fight with a truck full of Rust Eater mushrooms.

Sabikui Bisco Episode 12 Milo Nekoyanagi and Bisco Akaboshi posing for a photo

What did you think?

It was a nice ending with a good fight to finish things off. I do think the fight in episode nine when Bisco died was actually the better fight from a technical standpoint, but this was a fine way to end things. There are lots of questions such as what actually is the Rust that makes up the Tetsujin’s body and how did it keep Kurokawa alive and bring Bisco back.

The lack of consistency in these two events makes it hard to speculate on much. Kurokawa was one with the Rust where as Bisco was returned as he was before and with his injuries healed. Now, I’m not overly familiar with mushrooms and how they grow, but there is an element of division where a part of a mushroom will fall off and regrow a new mushroom. Could that be what happened to Bisco and if so was it due to his Mushroom Keeper blood?

This episode definitely managed to end the Kurokawa arc of the story and open things up for much more, especially as it now looks like the Tetsujin were created by mankind. What was their purpose and why did one blow up Tokyo? It’s been a wild ride for sure. I’ve enjoyed the characters and the world. I’d be quite happy to see more shows like this – fully embracing the potential of anime to do things that wouldn’t be possible in other mediums.

Sabikui Bisco Episode 12 Milo Nekoyanagi and Bisco Akaboshi together

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  1. I’m actually glad to see you’ve enjoyed this. It’s certainly one of the most obscure titles from the last year, but still a nice story. A second season is very unlikely (a shame) but I’d like to see some of the same questions you have answered. I’m never touching the light novels, so the anime would be the only way for me to do it.

    • Yeah. I think it has a good solid story and interesting characters, however, it’s the bizarre world that took it to the next level. Such a rich and interesting setting. There are so many questions that it is a shame there probably won’t be another season.

      I’m more likely to check out a manga if it gets made, but may look at the LNs someday. (I also cleaned up the other comments for you.)

  2. Yeah, the world building is a strong selling point. Thanks for that, I’ll be more careful when commenting next time:)

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