Bikini Warriors (Episode 1) – It’s Not a Bikini If It’s Armor

Bikini Warriors Title

When a group of beautiful, young adventurers struggle to complete their quests, they decide that a new set of armour is the way to enhance their abilities.

Bikini Warriors (Episode 1) – It’s Not a Bikini If It’s Armor

What happened?

Four young beautiful adventurers seem to have reached their limits, unable to defeat their opponents and gain the fame they seek. The obvious solution to a problem like this is to upgrade their equipment, so they decide to buy some new armour.

Luckily, the blacksmith has some that he believes would suit them perfectly. The Fighter, however, is not convinced that the new armour is any better than their current sets. The others happily purchase the new armour and are delighted with the results, forcing the Fighter to reassess her stance.

While purchasing her new armour, the blacksmith says that he has some new products in that they may also like, however, these are just bikinis and not suitable for adventuring…

Bikini Warriors Episode 1 New Bikini Armor Fighter Not Impressed

What did you think?

Bikini Warriors is a series of four-minute-long shorts which is ideal as each episode focuses on one idea. It’s usually a single joke with most of the episode building up to the punchline. Of course, each episode is smothered with huge ecchi helpings. This was the first episode and did a good job of introducing all the characters, showing off their talents, and delivering a satisfying punchline. If you want a quick dose of ecchi that doesn’t take itself too seriously, then this is a great place to start.

Bikini Warriors Episode 1 Public Outing In Bikini Armor

Episode highlights

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