Bikini Warriors (Episode 10) – You Don’t Always Get What You Want Or Need

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On their latest quest to defeat a dungeon, the Bikini Warriors are having a tough time, but they’ve just found a giant treasure chest. Could it hold the answers to all their problems or is it another trap?

Bikini Warriors (Episode 10) – You Don’t Always Get What You Want Or Need

What happened?

After opening numerous trap treasure chests on their way through the dungeon, the Bikini Warriors are understandably cautious about the contents of this one. It’s true, the treasure chests so far have not been kind to them, but they are exhausted and need something to help them or they’ll never be able to clear the dungeon.

Finally, they decide to open it together and to their surprise, a fairy appears with two possible treasures. However, they really don’t need them so when Fighter says that, the fairy tries to give them both for being so honest. But that doesn’t help them. The Bikini Warriors turn on the fairy and demand something useful. She, of course, disappears inside her chest, leaving them with nothing!

Bikini Warriors Episode 10 Treasure Chest

What did you think?

I think it’s a good job that these episodes are only four minutes long as the jokes tend to be fairly one-dimensional. They are fun, but they certainly couldn’t sustain an entire full-length series. It’s funny that there was no mention of the events that unfolded in the last episode, so I guess they’ve all gotten over murdering Mage… Seeing the variety of trap treasure chests was certainly entertaining, but it was their reaction to the fairy’s treasure that made me laugh the most.

Bikini Warriors Episode 10 A Fairy Appears with two items that they dont need

Episode highlights

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