Bikini Warriors (Episode 3) – Even Heroes Have Needs

Bikini Warriors Title

The heroes have run out of money and can’t even afford a room to stay in. Dire circumstances call for dire measures. Paladin invokes a rule that allows them to plunder villagers’ homes to aid them on their quests.

Bikini Warriors (Episode 3) – Even Heroes Have Needs

What happened?

Mage and Fighter are a little uneasy with the course of action the group has decided to take, but they soon get swept up in it. By the end of the mission, they have gathered enough money to rent a new place with a pool and quickly get to enjoying themselves.

Of course, the villagers are not too happy with the situation and crash the room, taking all their stuff back and more. Can a Bikini Warrior still be a Bikini Warrior without bikini armour?

Bikini Warriors Episode 3 Mage Fighter Dark Elf and Paladin have no clothes

What did you think?

This episode is obviously making fun of games where you can find items by smashing up innocent people’s houses or jars. We’ve all been there. You’re grinding your way through whatever game and you need more stuff, so why not just go and take it? You’re the hero after all! Haha! I like that this series doesn’t take itself too seriously and pokes fun at many other elements in the genre.

Bikini Warriors Episode 3 Fighter is not sure of this Mage Dark Elf and Paladin continue

Episode highlights

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