Birdie Wing: Golf Girls’ Story (Episode 2) – Innocent Tyrant

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Aoi was delighted to witness Eve playing golf and instantly demanded that she play with her. Unfortunately, it would just be one hole, but it would be the hardest on the course.

Birdie Wing: Golf Girls’ Story (Episode 2) – Innocent Tyrant

What happened?

As soon as Aoi saw Eve tee off she knew that she needed to play her. Her warm-up round for the coming tournament was boring. There was no challenge. That was until she saw Eve. The way she played with power and creativity got Aoi quite excited. When Eve’s opponent forfeited the game, Aoi was quick to offer to replace her. Of course, it wouldn’t be for money which meant Eve wasn’t interested. That was until Aoi used a forty-eight-inch driver to hit her ball past Eve’s.

Eve instantly agreed, excited at the idea of playing someone that might challenge her. Aoi wanted to play a full round, but her caddy, Amane refused, saying she could only play one hole. It would be the hardest one on the course – hole fourteen. It’s a five-par with an L-shaped fairway. Bunkers lay in wait for anyone trying to drive too far and a dense forest blocked the more direct route to the hole.

Eve teed off first and aimed for the forest. She drove hard and cut the distance of her second shot considerably, even with the trees in her way. Aoi, sliced her drive intentionally and followed the fairway around the corner. Eve’s second shot landed in the rough with a small mound blocking the hole. Aoi played off the fairway and landed well within putting distance. Amazingly, Eve used her putter in the rough and hit the flag with her ball, although it dropped an inch short of the hole. Aoi won and demanded that Eve play a full round with her at some point in the future.

Birdie Wing Episode 2 Aoi Amawashi beat Eve

What did you think?

This series makes me incredibly happy and I’m not entirely sure why. I’m going to attempt to list out what it might be. Firstly, they are playing on a beautiful green course near the sea and the sky is clear and blue. That’s already making me feel calm and relaxed. Then we have Aoi basically fanboying over the way Eve plays golf. Rather than the last girl who was thrown off by it, Aoi seems to relish the difference in their games.

To make this even better, Eve can see how good Aoi is and that just makes her want to play harder. They’ve just met and already they are inspiring each other to do better. There’s no animosity or bitterness. It’s the sort of sporting relationship I like to see. I think this is why sports anime is so appealing. It has all the excitement of the sport in question but none of the toxicity that comes with competitive sports.

Now, we got to see the dark underworld side of golf which is Rose Aleon, a statuesque woman in a suit with white hair whose office is full of flowers, fish tanks, and giant tortoises. If only all crime bosses were so pleasant… Anyhow, she seems to have gotten Eve into the same tournament as Aoi so that she can “get her revenge” although it feels more like the beginning of a wonderful friendship. This is already more exciting that any game of golf I’ve seen.

Birdie Wing Episode 2 Rose Aleon and Eve

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