Birdie Wing: Golf Girls’ Story (Episode 12) – Are Aoi and Eve okay together? The Doubles Championship Begins

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Before they can compete in the doubles tournament, Aoi and Eve need to qualify. The current number one ranked player scored ten under in her qualification tournament. Can they do better?

Birdie Wing: Golf Girls’ Story (Episode 12) – Are Aoi and Eve okay together? The Doubles Championship Begins

What happened?

Eve and Aoi have been preparing for the tournament with every spare moment and it’s starting to worry Kinue. Amuro assures her there’s nothing to worry about. The qualifiers don’t involve teamwork and it’s fine for them to be going head to head. In fact, it’s probably better that way as they will push each other further. For added incentive, he told them about the number one ranked girl’s score in her qualification tournament.

Of course, they come out firing. Eve pretty much massacres the competition with her first drive and then sets about defeating Aoi, but she’s got her barrier up so it won’t be possible… Anyhow, they both finished with a score of eleven under and easily won their qualifier. Now, they can get back to training and prepare for the real tournament.

On the way to the tournament, Ichina explains the rules. Aoi and Eve will play as a pair, alternating shots. They will play against another pair and each hole counts as one point. Whoever wins the most holes wins. Eve is excited by this format as it really feels like fighting. Aoi is also up for the fight, which Eve seems to find adorable. When they arrive, Eve decides to call out Mizuho Himekawa, the number one ranked player. Aoi isn’t surprised though as she did the same thing to her.

Birdie Wing Episode 12 Eve challenges Mizuho Himekawa

What did you think?

I’ve been thinking for a while now how much more entertaining golf is with all the yelling. This needs to be brought in immediately where all the players name their shots and yell them when they make them. I’m also enjoying the bluster and bravado that Eve brings to the game. I’m sure it’ll make a purist sick, but it’s hilarious. It really reminds me of what Happy Gilmore did for the game.

Anyhow, there were so many great Eve moments in this episode such as shooting Sato with her driver after out-driving her, ignoring Kuyo, and calling out Mizuho. If Eve was just a Western copy of Aoi things would be incredibly dull. Sure, the game would probably still be enjoyable, but it wouldn’t have the same amount of swagger that this series does.

So, with regards to how far we’ll get in this season… There’s no way they’re going to finish the tournament in one episode, especially not in a match-play format. They might get through one game and that’ll be tight. I still think there’s going to be some curveball thrown by the Mafia, although I’m now wondering if Aoi’s grandfather doesn’t have some links to a similar organization. The Yakuza maybe? That would be a good way to cancel out the Mafia and he certainly seems to have the confidence to be a ranking member. Of course, I’m just guessing at this point. I might as well get on with the next episode and see what really happens!

Birdie Wing Episode 12 Eve outdriving Sato

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