Birdie Wing: Golf Girls’ Story (Episode 8) – Final Bullet

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Rose’s artificial arm may have broken but she’s not about to give up just yet. Eve’s not going to go easy on her either. This could be someone’s last shot ever…

Birdie Wing: Golf Girls’ Story (Episode 8) – Final Bullet

What happened?

Rose had lost a high-profile golf bet and it cost her arm, literally. Her coach Leo was so disappointed in her decisions that led to this situation that he quit on her, deciding to focus his attention on another who showed great potential. Rose was left broken and distraught. Later she looked for her replacement and offered Eve the chance to work with her. Luckily, Eve had been warned away by her older sisters.

Rose knew that this would be her last game of golf, but she wanted to see if Eve was truly ready to surpass her and go after the life she turned her back on. As such, even without her hand, she was going to give it everything she had. Eve had to earn the victory and her belief. Rose played a shot that put her at her ideal range to the flag. Her next shot finished inches from the hole. Eve just needed to get it on the green to tie this hole, but she wasn’t ready to take it easy on Rose. She dropped her ball on top of Rose’s, off the flag and into the hole!

Eve won, upsetting Catherine. She took her money and saved her family from the demolition site of their old house. Vipère got them all new official identifications so the kids could go to school and they could run their business legitimately. However, Eve had been targeted by the mafia. She found out from Rose’s sister who was running away and advised Eve to do the same. Rose met with Leo to discuss what he saw in Eve that he didn’t see in her. The answer was ambition. Leo told her not to contact him again which wouldn’t be hard as the hitmen arrived moments after he left.

Birdie Wing Episode 8 Rose Aleon accepts her fate

What did you think?

Honestly, I didn’t really care for the stylistic choice of holding the winning shot back until the end of the episode. It seemed a little unnecessary, especially as we already knew she won. I’ll admit, it was a great moment and I can see why they might want to hold it back, but I think it was the wrong decision. Otherwise, it was another great episode that sets things up nicely for Eve to go to Japan and try to enter the professional circuit.

There was only a brief glimpse of Aoi in this episode which was a shame, but I love the direction it’s going. Of course, the shadow of Catherine’s rage will no doubt follow Eve wherever she goes which is going to make things tough, especially as they have fingers in everything. If they can get her into a tournament, they can surely block her from getting into them too.

I can’t wait to see how this develops and I really hope they don’t just forget about the mafia’s interest in Eve. She may have a new identity, but that’s not going to help if she becomes a professional golfer. And then, we also have the memories that need to awaken in Eve for her to fulfil her potential… There’s a lot to be excited about in this series and while this felt like a season finale, it was only episode eight.

Birdie Wing Episode 8 Vipere and Eve won

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