Birdie Wing: Golf Girls’ Story (Episode 11) – No Matter How Tall a Weed Grows, It Will Never Reach the Sun

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Kinue takes Eve and Ichina to the Athena golf course for three days of intensive training. She shows Eve just what she’s up against and soon accepts that she made the right choice to call it a day!

Birdie Wing: Golf Girls’ Story (Episode 11) – No Matter How Tall a Weed Grows, It Will Never Reach the Sun

What happened?

Coach Amuro believes that there’s nothing to teach Eve in regards to technique so he’s arranged for her to have the entire golf course to herself for three days. Ichina will accompany her as her caddy and they will have student president and golf club captain, Kinue with them. After a successful drive, Kinue picks up the ball and throws it into the bunker. Eve knows what’s going on and is willing to play along. However, Kinue does it again and again.

She tells Eve about the quality opponents that she and Aoi will face in the tournament, and how she will need to be on top of her game to win. In truth, Kinue already believes that Eve is the best choice to partner Aoi. Even if that means her stepping away from the sport she loves. She’s come to accept that she is very good, but she will never reach their heights. All of the training she put in nearly destroyed her elbow and there’s a chance it will come back.

The entire purpose of the training was to familiarise Eve with the course and the new clubs. However, Kinue also wanted her to realise that she needs to play the game her way. She needs to have more confidence in her own style than ever before. That’s her biggest strength and she’s going to need it to win. Finally, after all this time, Eve and Aoi get to play together, although this is just a one-hole match to prove the coach selected fairly. Next time, it’ll be the doubles championship.

Birdie Wing Episode 11 Eve roaring

What did you think?

I was expecting a training montage and that’s exactly what we got. However, it was excellently delivered. I liked that it didn’t focus on improving Eve’s skills. She’s an accomplished player, even if she has her own style of playing. I loved that it showed her and Ichina getting closer as a pair. They were even arguing at one point which showed how much more comfortable they are with one another.

As well as that, I enjoyed Kinue’s story. At first, I was sure she was just going to be the jerk that pushed Eve around the course, which she was, but she was also full of advice and demonstrations. It wasn’t just her throwing balls into bunkers and the rough. Then, when you find out that she’s giving up the sport because of her injury and this is her way of accepting it, it hit hard. I was even more surprised by the idea that the coach had pushed her to this extreme because he knew that she would never be good enough.

We’ve finally reached the tournament where Eve and Aoi will play together as a team against the best high school girls golfers from around Japan and I am unusually excited about this. I haven’t been this expected about a golf tournament since the end of Happy Gilmore. I just hope that we don’t finish it in two episodes. This needs more to really do it justice. I feel like there’s going to be a late spanner in the works courtesy of the Mafia as they track down Eve. I can’t wait to find out what happens next.

Birdie Wing Episode 11 Kinue putting her faith in Eve

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