Birdie Wing: Golf Girls’ Story (Episode 3) – A Match Between Just the Two of Us

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Rose used her contacts to get Eve into the under 15 girls World Championship tournament as a final day guest. She wouldn’t get to play directly with Aoi, but they would be going head to head!

Birdie Wing: Golf Girls’ Story (Episode 3) – A Match Between Just the Two of Us

What happened?

Rose and Eve met with Catherine, the head of the company sponsoring the tournament in a bid to get Eve into it. Eve had already offered to do whatever Rose wanted and now did the same for Catherine. However, she’s not Catherine’s type. Luckily, Rose had another plan and Catherine quickly accepted. Eve wanted to know what Rose had offered, but was told it wasn’t something she needed to worry about. She was in and that was that.

Eve teed off with a group of girls and was instantly spotted by Aoi. She was disappointed that they wouldn’t be playing together, but this was better than nothing. Their game was on. Aoi make Amane keep her updated on Eve’s progress and it was going very well. Not only had she broken the spirit of the girls in her group, but she was leading the day.

Amane watched Eve on the fourteenth hole with interest, but then Eve played the same shot as last time, this time the branch that stopped her was no longer there thanks to her shot the day before. Aoi followed Eve’s progress and put some fairly spectacular shots of her own in. However, she was losing, not that anyone but the most keenly interested had noticed. Eve finished her round and went to watch Aoi on the eighteenth. She just needed to sink this putt to win… She missed.

Birdie Wing Episode 3 Eve driving

What did you think?

Amazing! Not only did we have that last-second miss which no doubt means that Aoi and Eve tied for the day (although I think Aoi deliberately missed it so they would have to have a rematch), but the golf underworld is in full swing. Rose clearly has plans for Eve and is using this as a way to drum up some more business. People need to see how good Eve is if she wants to attract the highest-paying clients.

I can’t wait to see Catherine gets out of it since she was so keen to accept Rose’s other offer. On top of that, the action was exciting. I loved it when Eve played the same shot again, knowing that she broke the branch the last time. Amane’s reaction was even better. Now, that this tournament is over, I’m curious about what we’re going to do next.

I’m guessing there will be some training, some higher stakes, and maybe a little bonding. I’m yet to see whether this is a true yuri show or not, but I can see how it might be perceived that way. There’s definitely something going on between Aoi and Eve, even if it’s just mutual respect and the love of golf… That’s great and all, but let’s have some romance!

Birdie Wing Episode 3 Aoi Amawashi enjoying things

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