Birdie Wing: Golf Girls’ Story (Episode 6) – Rebellion’s Cry

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Eve’s home is about to be destroyed to make way for a new casino… With time running out, she turns to Vipère who has a proposition, but it’s not going to make her any friends!

Birdie Wing: Golf Girls’ Story (Episode 6) – Rebellion’s Cry

What happened?

The entire neighbourhood surrounding their home is being torn down and their building has but a week before it suffers the same fate. Eve, Klein, and Lily will be fine, but the children are orphaned illegal immigrants that will be taken away by the authorities. They can’t let that happen to them. Eve realised that the casino that will be built in that location is the one she won for Catherine in her match with Vipère.

Rose is less than impressed that Eve thinks she can have any say in the matter since she was repaying the debt for getting her the chance to play against Aoi. She could get a home from Catherine if she was willing to go deep within the Mafia, but once you’re in that far, there’s no coming out. Eve is angry and upset. She has to save her friends after everything they’ve done for her.

Her only hope is Vipère! She contacts her to find a high-paying job, but Vipère has nothing. In fact, she’s surprised that her boss let her live. There has to be a reason behind it. She runs off and tells Eve she’ll phone her. Soon after, Vipère has a job for Eve and it’s one that will leave them both insanely rich. It will be dangerous though so she’s going to need to prepare herself. However, it’s nothing compared to her childhood!

Birdie Wing Episode 6 Eve visits Rose Aleon

What did you think?

This is turning into the most fantastically insane soap opera imaginable. We’ve just learnt that Eve suffers from amnesia. She can’t remember anything about her childhood. In fact, her first memories are of when Klein and Lily saved her from a burning building. Of course, Klein and Lily were both doing some unspeakable job at such a young age… Seriously, that was a bit dark!

Eve’s amnesia opens up all sorts of crazy possibilities now, especially how similar she is to Aoi’s mother, who was a bit of a powerhouse golfer herself, very much in the same style as Eve. So, what does this mean for the Aoi and Eve ship? It might be wise to let that one sail away, however, this show is clearly not going to let that happen. I’m expecting yet more twists and turns and also some answers.

Either way, this series is amazing and I cannot believe just how much I’m enjoying it. I had to laugh so hard when that guy agreed to help Vipère. That was the best delivery ever. She offered to show him her secret technique. His attitude snapped back so hard that I thought he was going to get whiplash! I just don’t know what to expect anymore and that’s a fantastic feeling. Anything is possible!

Birdie Wing Episode 6 Vipere gets her way

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