Bikini Warriors (Episode 2) – A Quest Needs Money to Rest

Bikini Warriors Title

When a group of young beautiful adventurers struggle to complete their quests, they decide that a new set of armour is the way to enhance their abilities.

Bikini Warriors (Episode 2) – A Quest Needs Money to Rest

What happened?

The kingdom is in dire peril, but things are looking up as the four young, beautiful adventurers have arrived to save the day. They are summoned before the King to receive his thanks. He has fine words to say to all of them and a measly ten gold coins to compensate them for their efforts.

That’s great and all but fine words won’t pay for new equipment and ten gold coins aren’t even enough for one of them to pay for a room for the night. The four young beautiful adventurers are rightfully pissed off, but threatening the King might not be the best way to show it…

Bikini Warriors Episode 2 Dark Elf Mage Fighter Paladin Boobs

What did you think?

In this four-minute-long episode of Bikini Warriors, we don’t get to see the adventurers fighting. For the most part, we see sweeping shots of their bodies as the King praises them. There’s not a lot of action and not nearly as much jiggling as in episode one, but we certainly see a lot of the girls, especially in the revealing punchline to this episode. Scroll down to see what I mean!

Bikini Warriors Episode 2 Dark Elf Threatens the King

Episode highlights

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