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Kaburagi is attempting to use Deca-Dence as his avatar, but even if he gets it working it’s in rough shape from Omega’s attack. Luckily, Natsume gives Jill an idea that might just work, but they’ll need help…

What happened?

However, for all that everyone was doing to give Kaburagi a fighting chance, he seemed to be unable to take control. It turned out that the administrator of the system wasn’t willing to let him. The administrator explained that the system was designed to stop the mistakes of the past reccuring and that bugs were actually a part of the system, along with those that hunted the bugs. It would appear that the system is one long continuous cycle of improvements and as such Kaburagi didn’t have a chance, but that wasn’t about to stop him trying.

The administrator seemed to accept that this was just another chance for it to gather data and stepped aside, confident that Kaburagi would fail. Luckily, Jill had asked Minato to put out an urgent mission which the Gears leapt at the chance. Even those that weren’t active in the game logged in, despite the impending termination of the entire space in which Deca-Dence existed. It looked like Kaburagi was going to do it, but Omega woke up and began to charge its laser attack. With all appearing lost, Donatello flew into action and sacrificed himself to buy Kaburagi time… well, Donatello’s avatar anyhow.

Kaburagi attacked Omega, but it still didn’t appear to be enough. As he reflected on how he had failed Natsume, he realised that he still had one more card to play. He removed the limiters on Deca-Dence and unleashed its full power, killing Omega. Deca-Dence fell apart after the win and Kaburagi didn’t survive. With Jill taking control, she installed Minato as chief administrator and a new world was created with many different games. It also turned out that Jill, with her fascination with bugs, had backed up Kaburagi. She put him back into the game and sent him to find Natsume.

Decadence Episode 12 Kabu-Dence attacks Omega

What did you think?

In the last episode, I was worried that we wouldn’t get enough answers to be able to finish the series in one episode. Well, it would appear that I was wrong. I feel like it did a pretty good job of tying everything off. Sure, we didn’t get quite as much details as we could have got, but I was happy with the explanations as they were. I also really enjoyed the fight between Deca-Dence and Omega, and also Natsume’s interactions with Jill and the other Cyborgs. I think the ending actually finished the series for me. By that I mean that it was a thoroughly satisfying conclusion and I don’t think we need another season, not without undoing this feel-good ending.

Decadence Episode 12 Donatello attacks Omega

What have you learnt?

The thing that I’m taking away from this episode was that a successful ending can change the overall perception of an entire series. I talked about predictions in my earlier post, A Bald-faced Lie and it looks like I was way off the mark. That’s fine because I can turn that into my own story fuel. This series after it’s big reveals fairly early in the series then settled into a pretty standard story. I don’t think they were any real shocks after episode two. I will still say that I’m not sold on the two different art styles, but it is what it is. However, I did think the idea to turn it into a number of different games at the end was great.

Decadence Episode 12 Natsume

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  1. I really liked that too, about the new version of Deca-Dence.

    And same! By the end I felt really happy with everything, whereas at the start my curiosity and questions maybe impacted that in a way.

    • I liked that they found a way to still incorporate the need to survive and the need for the games (although I feel like there’s more to it that just entertaining the cyborgs). It’s interesting that having some sort of farm simulator wasn’t one of the early ideas, as if they went straight to the aliens trying to eat the humans scenario. Just look at how popular stuff like Farmville is!

      I still think the cyborgs could have been designed to not stand out quite so much, but on the whole, I felt like it was a good series.

    • I think it’ll probably be much more enjoyable watching it back to back. Let me know how you find it on the second viewing (when you get to it, of course).

  2. Meh, I don’t think it stuck the landing. The final ep failed (for me) to create any convincing drama and it felt like “and suddenly they won! “.

    • It had been like that all the way through so I wasn’t expecting much. That might have helped to temper my expectations. It was definitely too easy, but I was glad that it addressed enough questions to not make me feel like I needed another season.

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