Deca-Dence (Episode 6) – Radiator

Decadence Title

Kaburagi has been captured and faces execution for being a bug, but at the last second the process is halted and he is instead to be sent to a rehabilitation facility that is literally a shit hole!

What happened?

It would appear that someone has stepped in and given Kaburagi a lifeline, whether he’s going to want it or not is yet to be seen. He is processed along with several other bugs and then delivered to his new home at the bottom of the Gadoll processing plant where they will clean up the piles of Gadoll shit while trying not to be crushed by it.

After taking yet more inspiration from Natsume, Kaburagi puts his all into getting reformed. However, when one of the bugs that has been there for a long time approaches him with some information, he suddenly finds a new way to contact Natsume. It will reunite him with some of his old colleagues and after he toed the corporate line, they’re not too happy with him.

They do have a way to log in to Deca-Dence, but if Kaburagi wants to use it, he’ll need to compete in a deathmatch with Donatello. After a brief fight, both fall into the processed Gadoll shit and appear to have been lost. However, Kaburagi’s jetpack still works and he flies them both to safety. With his resolve tested, Kaburagi is granted the use of the terminal, although he’ll have to start with a new avatar.

Decadence Episode 6 Bug Rehabilitation

What did you think?

I was starting to get back on board with this series. Recovering from the peculiar second episode has taken some time and a lot of attempting to reconcile what we’ve seen so far. Well, if this was rehab for Kaburagi, it was a relapse for me. I absolutely hate the animation style that they’ve chosen for the cyborgs and it pulls me so far out of the story that I’m finding it hard to care. Sure, they may have shown us a little bit more behind the scenes, but there’s still nothing concrete. I’m sticking with my prediction that this is all actually a digital world. A game within a game if you will.

Decadence Episode 6 Kaburagi versus Donatello

What have you learnt?

After the last episode, I said I’d have to just get over the cyborg designs. Well, that was because they weren’t showing us much of them and I could forget all about them. All this episode did was remind me that they are there and that I hate them. I do think it adds fuel to the game within a game theory as they’ve made them as far from realistic as possible. There are still lots of questions to be answered and I don’t think this episode did much for that. If anything, I can see people turning off after this one.

Decadence Episode 6 New Game

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  1. This is the episode that’s ripping me *out* of the story… It’s basically every prison movie ever made. 🙁

    • Definitely. And with this animation style I couldn’t take a second of it seriously. I can’t get over how much of a mismatch of styles and stories this series is.

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