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Natsume joined the battle to defeat Gadoll Alpha and reveal the nest with hopes of ending the battle once and for all. Kaburagi tried to warn her, but he failed to get through to her. Now, he’s going to have to try another method!

What happened?

The Gears charged into battle and made it to Gadoll Alpha first, but when the Tankers finally caught up, they were all dead. Regardless, this was their target and if they were to defeat the Gadoll, Alpha would have to be brought down first. Alpha fought back and appeared to target their tanks, making them sitting ducks. Natsume rushed into the fight but Alpha hit back and would have killed had one of her teammates not taken the hit instead.

With the fight looking more and more hopeless, Kaburagi arrived and did enough to make Alpha hide behind its fog. He pulled Natsume away and told her to run, but Natsume, of course, refused. This left Kaburagi no choice but to fight Alpha as Natsume pulled the rest of her team free. Kaburagi, aware that killing Alpha would change the game, knew that letting it go would mean the death of Natsume. He broke his limits and finished it quickly with a brutal series of attacks.

As the fog lifted, everyone celebrated the victory and prepared to attack the nest. However, a giant Gadoll climbed over the top of the mountain and attacked. It dwarfed Deca-Dence which had begun the transformation necessary to use its cannon. Gadoll Stargate unleashed a powerful attack that just missed Deca-Dence. A second attack would surely mean the end of it all. Kaburagi managed to take out one of its legs, giving Deca-Dence the chance to fire.

With the battle won, Natsume and Kaburagi looked over the world from the top of the mountain. She seemed relieved but Kaburagi’s expression troubled her. He knew what was coming and how it would affect everyone.

Decadence Episode 5 Natsume Fighting Gadoll Alpha

What did you think?

The fights in this series are insane and I’m never going to get tired of Deca-Dence punching giant Gadoll. Seeing Natsume’s reaction as the world changed in the blink of an eye, unleashing a massive wave of Gadoll into the world was incredible. It was sad in a sense because it’s hard to see how her resolve will recover from something like that, let alone if she finds or saw Kaburagi die. This is going to be a huge moment for the development of the story and I’m excited to see where it goes next.

Decadence Episode 5 Kaburagi Killing Gadoll Alpha

What have you learnt?

The one thing that I noticed with this episode was when the world moved on to the next level. There was a wave of light that swept across the sky and then as it covered the land, Gadoll appeared out of nowhere. I know we’ve been told that this is part of the real world, but I’m curious how these new Gadoll can just appear there unless it is actually a digital world. I feel like we’ve barely seen the tip of the iceberg in relation to the world-building, which is great. There’s nothing quite like some over-the-top, detailed world-building.

I still wish they had not designed the cyborgs in the way they did, but I guess I’m going to have to get over it. At least the story is getting interesting.

Decadence Episode 5 Gadoll Stargate Awakens

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  1. Just when you think you have Deca-dence figured out… *WHAM* A swerve onto an off-ramp at supersonic speed…

    “I still wish they had not designed the cyborgs in the way they did”

    I’m starting to think that’s the cyborg’s “internal world”. I.E. they live full time in a virtual reality.

    • I’m inclined to agree. Feels like the whole thing is an artificial world like in the Matrix. Got to wonder if the cyborgs are really humans too and don’t know it. Can’t trust anything we see anymore..

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