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Natsume begins her training with Kaburagi by taking on a beginner level Gadoll. There’s a lot to learn and the best way is to just do it, but try not to let its tail touch you… How will Natsume cope?

What happened?

Day after day, Natsume trained with Kaburagi. He made her fight a low-level Gadoll, practice riding waves beneath the water, and get used to the feeling of weightlessness. All of these are essential as the Gadoll create a barrier as a defence mechanism that makes gravity unstable. Luckily, the Gears have their tanks which enable them to ride the waves, but they need Oxyone too, which means you have to defeat the Gadoll as quickly as possible or run out of fuel and find yourself at its mercy!

Natsume has improved in leaps and bounds, but there’s something that’s holding her back and she knows it. It’s her prosthetic hand. She feels conflicted as it’s helped her through so much, but how can she properly fight with it limiting her, especially when every second counts? Kaburagi takes her to an underground shop where he replaces her hand with a newer version, giving her the ability to manage fine movements. Even better, the new arm is able to fire the needles, making it her weapon too. While on a test run of her new weapon, Deca-Dence is attacked by Gadoll from underground. Pipe was with them and finds himself hurtling into battle on the top of one of the Gears trucks.

Decadence Episode 3 Natsume Training

What did you think?

I preferred this episode to the last one and mainly because we’re back focusing on Natsume and her story. I’ll admit it, having Kaburagi able to look through the archives and find out bits about Natsume’s past was a big help, but there was still way too much exposition and most of it was delivered at us as if this was an infomercial or documentary. I feel like there is possibly too much information to naturally reveal in this season and as usual, everyone is afraid to let it wait until a second season as it’s not guaranteed.

Natsume’s training arc was short and sweet. I loved that Kaburagi improved her hand and turned it into a weapon. I still don’t like the cartoony look of the robots, but at least it wasn’t as big a part of the episode this time. Also, when are they going to release Pipe plush toys? I’m certain my kids would love them…

Decadence Episode 3 Pipe and Kaburagi

What have you learnt?

When plotting a story, it’s essential that you understand the background and dynamics of pretty much everything involved. It’s not essential, however, to fill the audience in on all the cool ideas and world-building that you’ve done. The problem you end up then is making it feel like a part of the story. So far, that’s something that Deca-Dence hasn’t done too well. We keep getting these little segments that play out like a history lesson that a new Gear might have to watch before joining Deca-Dence. That might be fine if it was Natsume watching it with us and we can all experience the terror of what is actually happening. As it is, it doesn’t feel like part of the story, which is actually pretty interesting.

Decadence Episode 3 Natsume Watching an Underground Battle

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  1. That’s a great point re: the front-loading in this season so far, maybe fear of not getting a second season is a part of that, yeah

    • Yeah, it’s a shame that it’s become a very legitimate concern. So few series get a second season and that’s got to play on their minds when developing the stories, especially an original story.

    • I’d hate that pressure, yeah!

      Imagine knowing that you’ve got some slower reveals you want to build to, and having a idea of how pacing and exposition should work to attain that… and then scrapping it all because you might not get to finish the story 🙁

      Makes me think of ‘Claymore’ a bit.

    • Have you read the manga for Claymore? So much bigger than the anime. It flowed the manga for the most part and then in the last few episodes went off the tracks. Almost as if they got told they wouldn’t get a second season.

  2. Definitely on my list, yeah – been meaning to for years, I really should (and yeah, that sounds about right to me too)

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