Deca-Dence (Episode 1) – Ignition

Decadence Title

Natsume just wants to fight the Gadolls and put a stop to the endless war, but an incident, when she was a child, has made that almost impossible, but that’s not going to stop her trying… her boss is more likely to do that!

What happened?

Natsume was injured, losing an arm, in an attack by the Gadoll that also took the life of her family. Many years later, she is ready to join the Gears and fight back against the Gadoll, but her missing arm is holding her back. With nothing else to do, she takes on a job working on the armour of Deca-Dence a giant mobile fortress and the last bastion of humanity. She’s not given up on her dream, but her boss, Kaburagi is jaded by his experiences and remains focused on his job.

When the Gadoll attack while Natsume and Kaburagi are working on the outside of Deca-Dence an incident occurs and they both end up falling towards the battle. With little else to do, Kaburagi takes a device from one of the fallen Gears and fights back against the Gadoll, revealing himself to be quite the warrior. Natsume can only watch in horror and bewilderment at what it’s like to actually be a Gear.

Decadence Episode 1 Natsume

What did you think?

First things first. I loved it. It had pretty much everything that I was hoping to see in the first episode. We got a sense of the two main characters, Natsume and Kaburagi and learnt a little about their pasts. I said a little. The Gadoll attack was insane and the size of the big one was not at all what I was expecting but I was delighted all the same. Then, to see Deca-Dence reveal its ultimate weapon, a rocket-powered fist. It was just too good to be true.

However, there is obviously a lot going on in the background that is clearly supposed to be a mystery, although we got a good view of something fishy. I found Natsume’s father saying “something isn’t what it seems” at the beginning of the episode to be a bit too heavy-handed. Just having the other races walking around was enough to make me think that something else was going on here. We didn’t need a huge flag to warn us. Also, I don’t think we needed to see the other side of Deca-Dence just yet. Otherwise, I had a lot of fun and can’t wait for more.

Decadence Episode 1 Kurenai

What have you learnt?

Two of my favourite shows from the Spring 2020 schedule were Tower of God and Princess Connect! Re:Dive and part of the reason for that was that they both kept their hand hidden. Sure, we got to see little bits here and there, but we had to pay attention and put the pieces together ourselves. It was a far more satisfying situation. In this episode, we got slapped with the something is off vibe right from the off, but not by something visual. No, we were told it.

There’s obviously something going on with these other races and their involvement in the Gadoll. I’ve seen one comment about how this series is like Attack on Titan and WorldEnd and I could see the Gadoll ending up being the original species of planet Earth that had been changed somehow. That giant one had a bit of a blue whale look to it. I think we’ve peeked behind the curtain a little too soon, but thankfully, there are still lots of answers that we need. Good start, but could have been better.

Decadence Episode 1 Kaburagi

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  1. That rocket-powered fist was pretty ace, yeah!

    I’m kinda holding my breath for episode 3 now also 😀

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