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Natsume and Kaburagi find themselves in the middle of a giant underground battle with the Gadoll. Kaburagi urges Natsume to run away, but that’s not going to happen, especially with Pipe still running around!

What happened?

With the Gears charging into battle against the Gadoll, Natsume grabs some spare equipment and decides to test her training. The first battle sees a number of gears defeat one of the spikey Gadoll, however, it would appear that their attack was superficial at best as it quickly turned the tables and massacred them before Natsume’s eyes. She fled in a panic and found somewhere quiet to get her head together. Then, having gone through some breathing techniques, she rejoined the battle as a new person and even caught the eyes of the Power and Kurenai in particular.

Once the battle is over, Kurenai approached Natsume and asked her who she’s with. When Natsume reveals that she isn’t actually with the Power, they’re shocked. Kurenai immediately asked her to join and then got distracted when she saw Kaburagi. They’ve got a big mission coming up soon though, so there’s no time to rest.

Kaburagi has been briefed on the next mission as he’s been asked to return to his old job as a ranked, although it will be in the form of old legends returning to the battle when all appears lost. The all appears lost part is in regards to the mission which had been designated impossible. It’s a ratings push and nothing more. Kaburagi tried to stop Natsume from taking part in the mission, but she’s going whether he likes it or not!

Decadence Episode 4 Natsume Fighting

What did you think?

This was probably my favourite episode since the first one as it focused more on the human side of Deca-Dence. Natsume was pretty incredible in the battle and even though I loved it, I can’t help but feel she hasn’t earnt it. Sure, we had a training montage in the last episode, but it’s all a little too fast. I’ve also decided to pretend that the animation for the cyborgs is just a place holder for the real animation as I still cannot reconcile the two styles. They just don’t work together. It’s as if the real world in the Matrix was animated like Dexter’s Laboratory.

Otherwise, I’m really getting into the story, which just makes the clash of styles that much more annoying. They did a much better job with the exposition in this episode and while I didn’t really care for the advertising section which revealed the next mission, it felt more integrated than previous attempts.

Decadence Episode 4 Kaburagi trying to Stop Natsume

What have you learnt?

I thought the scene where Kaburagi tried to stop Natsume from joining the battle was excellent. It was the one time so far where I’ve felt good that we knew more than Natsume. Seeing Kaburagi trying to tell her what’s going on, but just managing to stop himself was cool. It must be hard to keep all the secrets hidden away and I think they did a great job of portraying his dilemma. Of course, we all know that it won’t go quite as the program directors are planning and, no doubt, it will be down to the bug – Natsume. I’m looking forward to the next episode.

Decadence Episode 4 Kurenai

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  1. “I can’t help but feel she hasn’t earnt it.”

    Agreed. It’s all too quick, even by anime standards…

    And I’m starting to wonder if Kaburagi isn’t a bug. A wolf set to be the sheepdog. Ditto for Kurenai.

    • That would make sense with Kurenai for sure, especially as she knows Kaburagi and he just seems to collect bugs. I thought it was interesting that the one controlling Deca-Denver knew about Pipe. I think there’s going to be another layer to this artificial world.

  2. I tried commenting on this and it wouldn’t work on the app :/ but I’m going to try again!
    This episode was my favorite as well, I really enjoy the father/daughter like connection between Natsume and Kaburagi. I really hope Natsume survives this next ‘event’. I do agree the story is a bit fast paced, but I’m glad the show turned around from episode 2, which really offput me until everything was explained.

    • Yeah, I still haven’t completely got over episode 2 and I can’t accept the animation of the cyborgs.

    • I don’t really like the cartoon-ish style of the cyborgs either! I’m enjoying the humans art style much better.

    • Yeah and they just don’t work together. I’m dreading the time when Natsume meets Kaburagi in his true form.

  3. I’m wondering if she’s about to hit the limits of her training – like a brick wall maybe – in the next episode?

    I doubt she’d experience any big physical misfortune, but it feels like the audience is being primed for her to do *well* but still not actually dominate on the battlefield.

    Not sure if that’s just normal anime pacing, or if it’s so the storyline can pull the rug out once more – maybe if she in fact doesn’t go so well at all (or even if she’s put out of commission and ends up doing something else while others do the fighting and dying) then I’d be only half-surprised in a way 🙂

    • Agreed. It’s funny because they’ve already said that this will be the darkest moment so that the legends can return. I’m wondering if Kaburagi doesn’t jump the gun and return early.

      That said, she could just completely exceed all expectations and blow the whole thing apart. At the very least, I’m expecting her to find out something that will knock her back mentally.

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