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Natsume finds herself trapped in Kaburagi’s home with Hugin blocking the door. He’s had enough of these bugs messing with his system and it’s time to end this. If only Natsume was the only bug to deal with!

What happened?

It looked like the end for Natsume. No matter how hard she fought, she couldn’t compete with Hugin’s speed and strength. Luckily, Kaburagi managed to get back into Deca-Dence in his second avatar and shot Hugin with a spear. At first, Natsume was confused but it didn’t take long for her to accept that Kaburagi wasn’t dead. She was determined to help him in any way possible.

The bug Gadoll approached Deca-Dence having grown to an incredible size. If had no chip or programming so they were unsure of how to proceed against it. The system designated it Omega and demanded that Deca-Dence exterminate it. Minato ordered Deca-Dence to prepare for attack, however, most of its harpoons failed to pierce the Gadoll’s shell which meant they could only attack at sixty percent power. This was not enough. The Gadoll caught the giant fist of Deca-Dence and then threw the mobile fortress back.

When the bug Gadoll fired on the orbital space station where the cyborgs lived, the system decided that it was time to restart everything. All of the Gears were ordered to log off as they prepared to purge the system. Of course, with a giant Gadoll to fight, none of them did. Natsume joined the fight leaving Kaburagi to rejoin Jill who had a plan. It was an unlikely plan, but a plan nonetheless.

Decadence Episode 11 Natsume

What did you think?

I came out of this episode having thoroughly enjoyed it, however, it’s kind of hard to explain exactly why. We had a pretty epic fight between Deca-Dence and the bug Gadoll. It was cool seeing it catch the fist and then toss Deca-Dence away. I also enjoyed that it had spawned a load more Gadoll. We found out the Jill was one of the architects of the system and was likely pushed out for believing bugs to be a feature and not an issue. She seemed oddly excited about the bug Gadoll. It feels like it’s set us up for a giant mecha Kaburagi versus giant bug Gadoll in the next episode, but I also don’t think just winning this fight is going to be enough. There are too many questions still to be answered and I’m worried we’re not going to get many answers.

Decadence Episode 11 Deca-Dence trying to hit the Bug Gadoll

What have you learnt?

One of the biggest issues I’m having with Deca-Dence is that it doesn’t seem to have a clear idea of the story it wants to tell. There have been too many ideas crammed into this one twelve-episode season that it feels a bit jumbled and hasn’t really committed to any one thing long enough for me to get really invested. I also thought it was interesting that when Natsume finally met the cyborgs, all of the shots of her and the cyborgs were from a distance. It’s almost as if they realised that the two animation styles wouldn’t work together.

Decadence Episode 11 Natsume meeting the Cyborgs

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  1. I hadn’t processed that about those long shots, yeah – I can see that, nice 🙂

    I wonder if, in future seasons, Natsume will have to use an avatar for some reason, and having both character styles right beside each other on screen at the same time will remain a rare occurrence?

    • Yeah. Even when it was just Natsume and Jill, it was from a long angle with lots of ground in the shot. As if they’re trying to tone down the cartoonish lines on the cyborgs.

      Has there been any news about a second season yet?

    • Not that I’ve seen – I’m just acting like it’s true, I think 😀

    • Positive mental attitude – if we believe in it, it can’t possibly not come true…

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