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Kaburagi has convinced Donatello to help him destroy the Gadoll factory, but to do that they’ll need an Avatar without a chip. Luckily, Kaburagi has an idea where he might find one.

What happened?

The only way to enter the Gadoll factory is from the surface, but an avatar would be shut down the second it gets too close and a tanker would be killed. That’s all thanks to the chips implanted within them, but what about someone without a chip? Well, Kaburagi has a theory about that. He believes that Minato will have preserved his original avatar. Jill wants to find out for sure, although Donatello and Turkey both believe it to be true. It is true, so they go on a mission to recover it and set the plan in motion.

While they are trying to collect the avatar, they notice Hugin and Minato in the warehouse and they too are heading to Kaburagi’s avatar. It would appear that Hugin has been tipped off somehow. Luckily, Kaburagi is able to get to it first and replaces it with a “love gun”!

Jill recommends that they need another person to succeed so Kaburagi returns to Deca-Dence to find someone without a chip. Natsume, of course, agrees to help him in any way she can, regardless of the risk. Their discussion is interrupted as Minato pays Kaburagi a visit in the prison. Meanwhile, the cyborgs have just learnt that Gadoll poo is refined to make Oxyone and are ready to revolt. However, Turkey seems to want to get Sark to help him betray Kaburagi and Donatello.

Decadence Episode 8 Illegal Avatars

What did you think?

This was clearly another setup episode. I think it’s preparing us for the big fight which could last several episodes at this rate. The idea that the Gadoll poo is where the Oxyone comes from wasn’t that surprising and fits with the balanced system. I’m also not sure about Turkey betraying everyone. It seems a little too obvious and I wonder if it’s actually a way to flush out the real traitor. Someone had to have tipped Hugin off. Also, how is it that Hugin can fly around in the real world? More evidence to the idea that it’s all actually a virtual simulation. Hugin is kind of like the agents in the Matrix. I think this still points to there being an even bigger twist still to come.

Decadence Episode 8 Kurenai and Natsume

What have you learnt?

There were more scenes in both the cyborg and Deca-Dence worlds and I know I’ve said about the contrasting styles, but I really don’t see any way that the two can exist in the same scene. This leads me to continue to believe that there are two games going on here and that we haven’t even seen the real world yet. I applaud the series for continuing to make us question stuff, but it is also getting a little tiring not being able to trust anything we see or hear. I hope we get the answers to the big questions as the series comes to a close and it’s not all left hanging for a second season that may not ever come to be.

Decadence Episode 8 Hugin and Minato

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