One-Punch Man (Volume 6) – Can I Have Some Tea?

One Punch Man Volume 6 Cover

All the S-Ranked heroes have been summoned to headquarters because of a Dragon-level threat to Earth. Saitama was with Genos and Bang so decided to tag along. While they were in the headquarters, an alien craft attacked City A!

One-Punch Man (Volume 6) – Can I Have Some Tea?

What happened?

Bang had been keen to show Saitama and Genos some of his techniques and appeared to want to encourage them to join his dojo. Neither were interested, but then someone from the Hero Association arrived and told them that a Dragon-level threat had been called. Bang and Genos were expected to attend, Saitama had nothing better to do so he tagged along. Many of the S-Ranked heroes were surprised to see Saitama there, many unaware as to who he was. Then, when Saitama asked for a cup of tea, he almost caused a riot.

Anyhow, the heroes had been summoned because the clairvoyant that had predicted many of the previous events saw the next six months and then died choking on a cough drop after she was too scared to breathe. All they knew was that the Earth was in danger! She had never once before used the word danger, so this meant that something truly terrifying was coming sometime in the next six months. It could be today, tomorrow, or any number of days after that.

There was a sudden rumble and then City A vanished from the map. All that remained was the Hero Association headquarters. While the other heroes discussed the situation, Saitama jumped through the roof of the building and saw a giant spaceship floating above the remains of City A. He leapt towards it, battering giant missiles out of his way. He fought his way through the ship, destroying everything and everyone in his path. Eventually, he met the leader, Boros, Dominator of the Universe. He had travelled to Earth because a seer predicted he would finally have a tough fight there. Saitama was not impressed!

One Punch Man Volume 6 Saitama finds Boros

What did you think?

This series is incredible. When it’s not pages and pages of insane action, it’s the most delightfully absurd comedy going. I love nonchalant Saitama is about everything. Asking for a cup of tea in the middle of an S-Ranked hero meeting when he’s just a Rank B was inspired. Then, having the audacity to say they were lucky he came when he stated that the event could happen today or tomorrow. Everything about Saitama is wonderful. He’s insightful at times too which is even funnier. When he threw a rock at the alien with Telekinetic powers because that was all he used his powers for was so funny.

It’s interesting that we still haven’t seen the number-one-ranked hero, Blast and also that Metal Knight was absent too. Our few encounters with Metal Knight leave me convinced that he is not someone that can be relied upon and I question whether he’s even hero material. More likely, he’ll become a villain of some sort. Anyhow, this volume ended with Saitama fighting Boros and the other heroes fighting Melzargard and the bombs dropped by the alien ship. The next volume should be exciting!

One Punch Man Volume 6 Tatsumaki stops bombs

Volume highlights

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