The World’s Finest Assassin Gets Reincarnated in Another World as an Aristocrat (Episode 11) – Choice of Betrayal

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Someone has hired the assassins of Tuatha Dé to complete a special mission. However, it will not benefit the kingdom they serve and there is a very personal involvement. Will Lugh take the mission or leave it to his father?

The World’s Finest Assassin Gets Reincarnated in Another World as an Aristocrat (Episode 11) – Choice of Betrayal

What happened?

Lugh’s target is Dia, the girl he loves. However, the person that has made the request is Dia’s father, the Count of Viekone. It’s baffling, but then it’s all a ruse. When they lost the civil war, the Count surrendered a lot of his land and money. However, Dia is seen as a valuable asset by the lords that won the war and seek to claim her. The people of Viekone refused to accept that and fought back.

This act solidified the result as the party that began hostilities, there is no way the Dia can survive. Well, not unless Lugh can fake her death and escape back to Tuatha Dé with her. Cian knows that he is putting a lot on Lugh’s shoulders, especially as this is essentially a favour that he is repaying the Count.

Cian understands what Lugh must be going through as he was in a similar situation which was when he rescued his wife Esri. She is related to Dia which makes Lugh and Dia cousins. However, Lugh is determined to save Dia and will do everything he can to complete the mission.

Tarte tells Lugh that she will go with him, but it’s too far for her to go with her mana levels. Regardless, she intends to accompany him as far as she can, making his journey easier and saving his mana for the fight. Tarte puts up a barrier using the wind as she runs with superhuman speed, pulling Lugh behind her in a slipstream.

They get as far as Tarte can take him before splitting up. She makes Lugh promise to come back with Dia but then breaks down once he has gone on. Lugh arrives at Viekone and attacks the army stationed outside the castle. Once he has created an opening, he slips inside with a body and finds Dia in the tower, waiting to be saved.

Ansatsu Kizoku Episode 11 Lugh attacks

What did you think?

Part of me is a little annoyed that they revealed everything about the fake assassination so soon into the episode. It almost made the cliffhanger in the last one feel redundant. It was episode ten, almost no one is going to drop it at this point. Just get on with it. It was interesting to see that Lugh’s journey is mirroring Cian’s and I wonder if this will be part of a much bigger idea.

The other thing that this episode did was to confirm that my initial thoughts after the first episode were correct. Tarte is the best girl in the series and unfortunately, she is also the childhood friend who is destined to miss out. Damn you, tropes! Was it too much to want Lugh to kiss her after she used up all of her mana to help him save another girl despite how she feels about him?

Ansatsu Kizoku Episode 11 Tarte given Lugh a ride

What have you learnt?

So, Tarte is the undisputed best girl. I’d even put Maha at number two but then I’m not Lugh and his decisions are his own, which is something he’s very keen to point out after spending his last life following orders without hesitation. Still, he could have thanked Tarte a little more. I certainly didn’t want to see her breakdown crying like that. Someone hug her already!

One of the hardest things to keep track of in this series is the goddess and all of her reincarnated souls. She appears to be testing out any number of roles and has spread them out over a period of time. Is it just recapping the events that led to Lugh’s reincarnation or is it something else? I feel like it’s something else and that we’re in for a big twist. My gut says that Lugh will become the hero, Dia was the teacher who was reincarnated to train the hero, and someone else is coming to kill Lugh.

The scene after the ED implies that something is happening with one of the weapons that only a hero can use. Again, I feel like this means that the person using it will be outside Viekone castle and will go head to head with Lugh in the next episode. It’s going to be exciting whatever happens and I am delighted that I decided to cover this series. It’s been a lot of fun and I hope that it will continue. Don’t worry Tarte, I’ll save you!

Ansatsu Kizoku Episode 11 Tarte left behind

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  1. Yeah, I disliked how they copped out on the cliffhanger, but I absolutely loved Tarte, and I like what they did with the fight. One thing, though, about the goddess. Her scene with those reincarnated souls… it went from shining crystals to absolute darkness in an instant, and in that instant was a sound, like one or several tortured souls crying out in an inhuman way. I don’t know about any theories or whatnot, but that moment makes me very, very uneasy as to anything regarding the goddess and her plans. What is it that we have not yet seen? What is the real truth behind all of this?

    • Tarts is amazing and she was outstanding in this episode.

      I think the fact that we haven’t seen what happened to the teacher and yet she checked in on all the others is telling.

      Hopefully, we’ll get some answers in the last episode. However, I’m going to have to rewatch that scene with the goddess again to see what you were referring to. Sounds suspicious!

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