The World’s Finest Assassin Gets Reincarnated in Another World as an Aristocrat (Season One)

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The world’s greatest assassin has retired. However, he was double-crossed by his previous employers and found himself before a goddess. She offered him a new life providing he would do something for her – one last target!

The World’s Finest Assassin Gets Reincarnated in Another World as an Aristocrat (Season One)

What did you watch?

This was another late addition to my reviewing schedule, however, unlike Tact Op. Destiny, The World’s Finest Assassin Gets Reincarnated in Another World as an Aristocrat was on my to-watch list. I’m a sucker for fantasy stories and of late those include a lot of isekai stories. Sure, there have been lots of average ones, I’ve seen many of them, but there have also been some incredible stories. That’s why I will always give the genre a chance. I’ll watch twenty poor ones to get one Mushoku Tensei. So, how did this one stack up?

Ansatsu Kizoku Episode 8 Cian gives Lugh a choice

What happened?

He completed his final job and was all set to retire to his new life as a teacher. No more fieldwork or infiltrating a target’s life. He’d committed everything to his employers for his entire life and was ready to do something for himself. However, they were less happy with the situation and betrayed him, murdering him en route to his new life. All that did was to change his trajectory. He woke before a goddess who told him that he had died and that she had an offer for him. Kill the hero!

He agreed and was reincarnated into the new world as a baby, however, he retained his memories and was able to select the six skills that he would be born with. His target is the hero that will defeat the Demon Lord that will soon be reborn into this world, however, he cannot kill the hero before he has done that. That gives Lugh plenty of time to perfect his skills. It helps that he was reborn into a family of assassins, however, even then it’s not going to be an easy mark!

Ansatsu Kizoku Episode 2 Lugh hunting

What did you think?

There were a lot of similarities to Mushoku Tensei and yet it felt like something wonderful all on its own. While Rudeus had been a hopeless NEET in his previous life, Lugh was the consummate professional and had acquired a great number of skills and knowledge. As such, he attacks every challenge with the level of care and detail you might expect of someone much older. I love both these stories for different reasons and this one was Lugh’s focus and approach to completing his task.

On top of that, the world was fascinating and offered lots of potential for the story to develop. I also enjoyed the characters and seeing an isekai protagonist who didn’t get flustered by girls or for the most part show much interest in them beyond how they can help him achieve his goal was interesting. It offered some great moments where Lugh had to come to terms with the girls’ feelings. Once he did, he was careful and considerate, never once appearing to take advantage of them in that manner. He is a true professional.

Ansatsu Kizoku Episode 7 Lugh accidentally created a herem full of magical assassins

What was your favourite moment?

This series opened to a fantastic scene. We were thrust into the action without any explanation which is something I always enjoy. The challenge of working out what is happening is something I take great pleasure from. The scene followed some girls as they were pampered and prepared for an auction. Some seemed more shaken up than others, while one seemed to be delighted by the whole process. It wasn’t until she got onto the stage and the bidding began that she really let loose, conjuring a gun out of the air and blasting through the corrupt nobility.

Another girl attacked from backstage, slicing through her targets with a spear. It was excellent and hard all the feel of a James Bond cold open. The action was amazing and the animation just as dazzling. Then, we saw a boy lying on his belly staring through a sniper scope. He tracked a woman running from the chaos and once he’d received the word from inside, he opened fire. That was when we jumped back in time to his previous life as he took out his final target. I loved it and knew that this was the series for me.

Ansatsu Kizoku Episode 1 Tarte

What was your least favourite moment?

Episode six introduced us to a plucky group of orphans who were trying to make a life for themselves and seemed to be taking steps to achieve it. However, they were kidnapped and thrown into an orphanage where they were exploited for their labour and once old enough, their bodies. It was dark as hell, but seeing as the series opened with a slave auction, it shouldn’t have come as a surprise.

The surprise was just how amazing this episode was at developing one of the key characters going forward. It also gave us a chance for Lugh to show his character and highlight what his family’s goal is for the kingdom. It was a great episode, but it was hard to watch as things were dire for a large portion of the episode. That’s why it’s here, not because I didn’t like it.

Ansatsu Kizoku Episode 6 Maha and her friends kidnapped

Who was your favourite character?

I really enjoyed Lugh. He was a fascinating character and I feel like the way he approached things would have been how I would look to do things if I were reborn into another life with my memories intact. However, there was one other character that stole my attention away. I am talking about the best girl, Tarte who was so dedicated to Lugh that she helped him save the woman he loved even when it would have given her the chance to fill that void. Tarte is a trooper, but seeing her crying as Lugh carried on to save Dia was heartbreaking. I like Dia too, but Tarte is number one for me.

Ansatsu Kizoku Episode 4 Tarte

Who was your least favourite character?

There were a lot of scummy characters in this series which probably explains why there is a noble house of assassins. I could have picked any of them from the guys that ran the orphanage or the guy that was selling military secrets for drugs that he then pushed on his people. Even then guys bidding at the auction or the woman that ran them. However, I’m going to go with Setanta MacNess – the man that Lugh thought might be the hero. However, one interaction with the guy showed us that he was clearly not the hero. He came across more like a villain and was quite ineffectual against Lugh in the end, but then Lugh did have to launch an attack from space to beat him. Either way, he sucked and Lugh rules.

Ansatsu Kizoku Episode 12 Setanta MacNess and Gáe Bolg

Would you like some more?

I absolutely need more of this series. There are so many questions still to be answered and not least just what the goddess is up to and what happened to all the other people she reincarnated into this world to kill the hero, although there was one that sent to teach the hero so who knows what’s going on. I’ve enjoyed the way it continues to show us little pieces of information so that we can attempt to solve the mysteries ourselves. Even Lugh’s final attack on Setanta made sense as all the clues were there before the actual fight. Give me more.

Ansatsu Kizoku Episode 12 The Goddess checking in on Lugh

What have you learnt?

It’s been refreshing seeing an older and more accomplished protagonist as the star of an isekai and not least because I’m older than most isekai protagonists. I’m not nearly as old as Lugh was when he died though. Even so, he dealt with things in a professional manner which was something I can relate to. Having something to latch onto made me enjoy his character more and no doubt pulled me into the story.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be about age, There are things that I relate to with Kazuma, Rudeus, Subaru, Naofumi, Rimuru, and even Tanya the Evil. The thing with all these characters is that they have a bit of depth that gives you more chances to connect with them. The complex and interesting the character the greater the chance that someone will find some common ground.

I’m a big believer in the power of characters to pull the audience into a story. A great plot will struggle to succeed if all the characters are flat and are unable to develop an emotional connection with the audience. However, great characters can elevate an average plot. If the characters are good enough, you can get away with almost anything. There really is no substitute for well-developed characters.

Ansatsu Kizoku Episode 4 Lugh fights a pack of wolves

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  1. I absolutely loved his origins as an aging James Bond type. Finally an isekai were the protag didn’t start out as a complete dweeb. Another I really loved was “Tanya the Evil.”

    • Yes, Tanya the Evil was similar in that he had a plan and wasn’t clueless. I liked that he was quite a bit older than most protagonists too. That no doubt helped him see the opportunity for what it was and grab it with both hands.

  2. I actually didn’t like the cold opening with the whole slave auction operation. To me what that did was essentially spoil what the reincarnated assassin and his crew would look like before we met any of them. I would have preferred to see that part much later on.

    Loved the usage of ‘rods from god’. Gave me a laugh with just how absurdly destructive that was. Overall was a cool series for sure.

    • I can see that. It definitely took away the suspense with Maha’s story. I did enjoy it though and would have liked more episodes like that. Maybe we’ll get that next season.

  3. Just watched this series a few weeks ago. Holy shit, what a great example of “just fucking try a little bit,” and how that can pay off. Really want to see a second season of this.

    • Yeah. It doesn’t really do anything new but it does everything well and that worked. I’d love a second season too.

    • Absolutely. It doesn’t take much to go from boring and repetitive to engaging and interesting. Just put some effort in. Is that too much to ask?

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