The World’s Finest Assassin Gets Reincarnated in Another World as an Aristocrat (Episode 6) – Residence of Girls

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Lugh has two years to learn everything he can about being a merchant to use as his cover. In that time, he gets to see the sorts of things that go on in this world. The things his family is responsible for taking care of!

The World’s Finest Assassin Gets Reincarnated in Another World as an Aristocrat (Episode 6) – Residence of Girls

What happened?

Lugh and Tarte arrived in Milieu to begin their training and create the perfect aliases for them to carry out their missions. They have two years in which to learn everything they can before returning home. This is nothing new for Lugh though, he’s been preparing himself for his role his entire life.

Meanwhile, a group of orphan girls have built a successful business for themselves showing tourists and visitors around Milieu. They are led by Maha, the daughter of a merchant. She has grand plans for them all, but those are cut short when they are all abducted and placed in an orphanage that seems much more like a labour camp.

If only that was the worst of it. As the girls grow older, the owner of the orphanage comes up with new and even more despicable ways to exploit them. One by one, the girls are prostituted to lords and merchants. Even the orphanage owner gets his share…

Maha hasn’t been involved yet, but she’s come of age and things are set in motion. However, a merchant’s son visits the orphanage and wishes to take Maha in with him to help with his business. She can’t believe her luck, but the orphanage owner agrees to let him have her in three days. That’ll be more than enough time for him to enjoy her.

Of course, the merchant’s son is Illig Balor or Lugh, as we know him, and he could tell that something wasn’t right with the whole situation. He intervenes and frees all the girls, even healing their scars and injuries. The lords responsible were taken into custody to away trial. Maha left with Illig, ready to begin her new life.

Ansatsu Kizoku Episode 6 Maha and her friends kidnapped

What did you think?

We saw a glimpse of the sort of things that Lugh was going to be dealing with back at the beginning of episode one and that was pretty bad. This, however, was on another level of depravity. These poor girls had been kidnapped and forced to work for this group of perverts. And to think that they endured two years of this hell before finally being rescued. They obviously got lucky considering that Lugh is searching for mana users to add to his team, but I believe he would have intervened had he realised what was going on anyhow.

His family are the assassins that clean up the country. They do the work that needs to be done. This episode was dark and disturbing, but I think it was the perfect way to show Lugh’s two years as a merchant. Honestly, we didn’t need to see him trading and doing stock inventories. Our time was much better served to witness what Maha went through. She has a reason to join Lugh and not just because he saved her. She will want to stop this from happening to anyone else. It was incredibly hard to watch, but that was the point.

Ansatsu Kizoku Episode 6 Maha running

What have you learnt?

After six episodes we’ve reached the point where Lugh is ready to begin his true calling. His training is over. Now, it’s time for him and his team to take out the trash, so to speak. I’ve enjoyed the development of Lugh and how it’s all fit together. I have no problem with it taking this long as I think it’s been worth it. Now, we don’t need any annoying flashbacks to bring us up to speed.

From here on, we get to have fun and I’m excited. If their missions are anything like the scene we saw at the beginning of episode one, this is going to be amazing. The real question is whether we will get to the point of the hero’s introduction before the end of the season. Personally, I’d like him to meet them at the end of the season and for it to be quite a shock as to who they are. Hopefully, that will be more than enough to guarantee a second season. That’s right, I’m already calling for more.

Ansatsu Kizoku Episode 6 Illig Balor

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