The World’s Finest Assassin Gets Reincarnated in Another World as an Aristocrat (Episode 9) – Compensation of Assassination

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Cian gave Lugh his first assignment as an assassin, however, before Lugh is prepared to complete the mission, he wants to verify the accusations against his target. Luckily, Maha is able to dig up more than enough dirt.

The World’s Finest Assassin Gets Reincarnated in Another World as an Aristocrat (Episode 9) – Compensation of Assassination

What happened?

A count has been selling military secrets to a rival nation in exchange for drugs which he then pushes on the people. So, not only is he endangering the soldiers fighting for his country, but he’s killing the regular citizens too. Cian has given Lugh complete jurisdiction of this assignment, allowing him to do as he sees fit.

In his last life, Lugh was a tool for an organisation. They told him who to kill and he did it. Ultimately, that got him nowhere as they discarded him as soon as they were done with him. In this life, he intends to take control from an early stage. He’s been given the mission, but he will not kill him until he’s seen for himself that the charges are warranted.

His first step is to send a message to Maha to see what she can find out through Orna’s information network. While they wait for a response, Lugh and Tarte go to one of the cities to see for themselves. They come across a girl selling “jam”. She even offers them a free sample. When Lugh destroys it, a group of guys appear looking for a fight, although they soon regret it.

They return home with the proof that things are bad there. Now, they just need confirmation that it is the count. A shipment from Orna is waiting for them with a coded message from Maha. It is the count who’s behind it and he’s pushing the drugs to other regions while paying off the nobles there. He needs to go down!

After spending a couple of nights at the count’s house as Illig Balor, Lugh gathered enough information to complete the mission. He takes out the count from range thanks to his magical sniper rifle. However, as he’s leaving, he sees the count’s wife crying and clutching at his lifeless body. He’d never been touched by the killings in his previous life, but this was different. He didn’t regret it and he would never forget it. Tarte comforted him before they headed home.

Ansatsu Kizoku Episode 9 Tarte and Lugh beating up some dealers

What did you think?

This episode was focused on showing us how Lugh had taken control of his life. After living an entire life doing what he was told when he was told, it’s great to see that he’s doing everything his way now. Previously, he would have taken the job and done it. It wouldn’t have mattered if the reason was real or not. He had a target, he killed them. However, now, he seeks to decide for himself whether he should do it. We saw early signs of this with how he stood up to his mother when she suggested an arranged marriage.

I was half expecting him to struggle to go through with it after meeting the count’s wife, but I’m glad that he succeeded. I also love that it gave Tarte a chance to comfort him, which gave him a chance to show her that he didn’t see her as a tool anymore. Obviously, she had Maha to thank for that. Speaking of Maha, she’s awesome, too. The big problem now is that the anti-harem brigade has appeared… sigh!

Ansatsu Kizoku Episode 9 Maha signals her intent

What have you learnt?

Anyone that has made it to episode nine of this series without realising that it was a harem really needs to examine how closely they are paying attention. The promo image which they likely would have seen before even watching an episode makes it pretty clear, and then the OP, which is incredible, should have put any doubt to bed. I’m just waiting for the complaints about all the girls randomly falling in love with Lugh.

It’s not like he did anything to earn their love. Well, other than rescuing them from poverty and prostitution. Save them from a horrid and miserable life. Give them the means to protect themselves and those that they love. The thing that puts the final nail in Lugh’s coffin is that he did all this without any thought of gaining their love and affection.

There is an element of using their feelings for him to keep them on his side, but I think he’s earnt it. And he’s not even tried to take advantage of that. The girls love him because he’s a good guy. Sure, he’s also an assassin, but he’s been honourable and decent to them. Maybe, if more people were like that we wouldn’t even have an anti-harem brigade? Maybe, we’d all just be a little bit happier? Crazy idea, right?

Ansatsu Kizoku Episode 9 Tarte comforts Lugh after his first assassination

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