High School DxD (Episode 10) – The Showdown Begins!

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The Ratings Game is about to begin between the House of Gremory and the House of Phenex. Issei is nervous but also determined to make an impact. Will his top-secret new move make any difference?

High School DxD (Episode 10) – The Showdown Begins!

What happened?

It’s the night of the Ratings Game and Issei is sitting in his room, watching the clock. Asia comes in and asks to sit with him. The idea of going into battle is weighing on their minds, even if it is just a game. But then, how can it be a game when Rias will be forced to marry that scumbag, Riser Phenex if they lose. They have to fight, if only for her.

With the contestants in position, the game begins and the battlefield is an exact replica of the school. That might give Rias the advantage. She sends out Kiba, Koneko, and Akeno to set some traps and prepare for the attack. Riser is sure to attempt to capture their base and promote his pawns. Rias sits down with Issei and asks him to put his head in her lap. He’s delighted, although he’s sure it won’t help him fight. However, Rias is unlocking Issei’s power. When he was revived it was too much, so she locked most of it away until he was ready.

Issei joins Koneko in the battle and heads to the gymnasium where they come up against four of Riser’s girls. Koneko focuses on the opposing Rook, Xuelan, while Issei has to take on three pawns, Nel, Ile, and Mira. To be honest, it’s not looking good for Issei, but then he unleashes his secret weapon. It’s a new technique called Dress Break and it does exactly what you think it does. Suddenly, all three of Issei’s opponents are naked and unable to fight.

Once Issei and Koneko are outside, Akeno destroys the gymnasium with the four girls within, taking them out of the game. Kiba has had similar luck with another three pawns, but then Riser’s queen enters the battle and in one attack, Koneko is removed from the game.

High School DxD Uncensored Episode 10 Issei Crying because his head is in Rias lap

What did you think?

This is definitely how I remember the first season of High School DxD. The Ratings Game is great and shows all the hard work Issei has put into preparing. There’s no way he would have been able to keep up with three other pawns, let alone defeat them a couple of episodes ago. Of course, Issei’s main attack is far more psychological, relying on embarrassing the girls into submitting. He’s lucky they weren’t secretly exhibitionists or nudists…

Still, the gamble paid off and all three were incapacitated. Koneko and Xuelan (the one that looks a lot like Chun-Li from Street Fighter) stopped mid-fight to glare at Issei and call him a pervert. His reaction was priceless as he stood there grinning like an idiot as he marvelled at his own ability. He truly is a pervert.

On the whole, it was a good episode for Rias losing only Koneko compared to Riser’s team. However, Riser has a full team so he can afford to lose a couple of pieces. And now that his queen is in the action, things are going to change. This was an explosive episode with some fun moments and some apprehensive moments. The tension before the fight was excellent.

High School DxD Uncensored Episode 10 Nel Ile Xuelan and Mira

Episode highlights

Mid-episode Transition!

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