High School DxD (Episode 2) – I’m Done Being Human!

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After waking up with Rias in his bed, Issei discovers that he’s now a devil and soon, he’ll learn what that means for his life from now on. Of course, the prospect of becoming a harem king makes the transition easier!

High School DxD (Episode 2) – I’m Done Being Human!

What happened?

Issei can’t believe his luck. What is Rias GRemory doing in his bed and why are they both naked? She’s remarkably chill about the whole situation, even when Issei’s mother walks in on them! Of course, it’s because Rias is a devil and Issei is now one of her servants. They head to school together where they split up. Rias tells Issei that she will send for him at some point later today and then all will be revealed…

He spent the entire day agonizing over who Rias was going to send to collect him and bizarrely, it was Kiba, the school heartthrob. He takes Issei to the Occult Research Club where he meets Akeno and Koneko. Then, he hears Rias in a shower and instantly declares it the greatest club ever. Once Rias has emerged, she tells Issei that he was killed by Yuma, but she revived him as her devil servant. Then she reveals that all of the Occult Research Club are devils and a part of her family.

It’s not all fun and games, however, as devils have work to do. Rias asks Issei to help Koneko who has clashing appointments. He agrees, but then the summoning portal doesn’t work and he has to ride his bike there. To make matters worse, he didn’t agree to a contract and was then attacked by another fallen angel. He did manage to summon his sacred gear, but that appears to have caused Rias more headaches. The next morning Issei finds a young nun lying on the ground with her bum in the air!

High School DxD Uncensored Episode 2 Fallen Angel Kalawarner Revealed

What did you think?

This episode continued the wonderful tone that the first episode had. It has a good balance between humour and drama which makes the first season stand out in my mind. I loved the introduction of Kalawarner although she turned and ran a little too soon. Either way, it was a real treat for the eyes with the low full moon behind her.

I did notice something new on this rewatch and that was Issei praying when Rias was in his room not to screw it up and then again not to be woken up when he thought it was a dream. Of course, we learn in future episodes that devils can’t pray to God without it hurting. This feels like a missed detail but may not have even been a thing back when this was released.

I found the summoning scene to be quite entertaining too with Issei having to ride to the summons and then just argue with the guy about Dragon Boy Z. It was a very believable conversation between otakus of differing generations. The introduction of Asia at the end was interesting, but then I’m here for Rias and Akeno, anything else is a bonus. It was a nice continuation although the first episode was more mysterious. Of course, this one was trying to explain some of those mysteries so that makes sense.

High School DxD Uncensored Episode 2 The Gremory Family

Episode highlights

Mid-episode Transition!

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