High School DxD (Episode 11) – The Acclaimed Battle Continues!

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When Rias loses Koneko she decides to change tactics a little, especially as Riser’s queen is attacking. Issei and Kiba are to keep everyone busy while she leads a direct attack with Asia! Getting tense!

High School DxD (Episode 11) – The Acclaimed Battle Continues!

What happened?

Issei and Kiba are to create a distraction and draw out all of Riser’s remaining pieces. That will allow Rias a chance to attack Riser head-on, although there’s no telling how good an idea that will be. Her goal is to hurt him so much that he concedes.

Rias’ plan worked in drawing out the remaining members of Riser’s clan. Kiba fought against Karlamine, a knight, while Issei had to take on Isabela, a rook, and several pawns. There was a bishop too, Ravel Phenex although she had no plans on fighting. She is Riser’s little sister after all. Kiba shows off his sacred gear that allows him to create sacred swords at will.

Issei manages to dodge Isabela long enough to charge up his sacred gear. Then, he strikes and then activates Dress Break. She is then helpless to evade his next attack. Delighted that he won, Issei celebrates. However, Kiba is shocked at Issei’s ability and apologises to Karlamine for her lewd attack. The remaining pieces attack Issei forcing him to call on the Red Dragon Emperor for help. His sacred gear evolves once more, allowing him to transfer his power to Kiba who unleashes Sword Burst, taking out all of the remaining pieces except Ravel and Yubelluna who just defeated Akeno.

Kiba falls moments later. Issei runs to Riser’s base and promotes himself to Queen. He finds Rias and joins the battle. However, Yubelluna hits him with a powerful magic attack that knocks out Asia. Issei charges at Riser, but his sacred gear has run out of energy and sends him sliding down the rooftop. Riser attacks Issei until Rias concedes in an attempt to save him. They lost!

High School DxD Uncensored Episode 11 Rias and Issei with Asia

What did you think?

I liked it when Koneko stopped mid-fight to call Issei a pervert, but Kiba apologising to his opponent for Issei’s Dress Break attack was even funnier. It’s a joke that could get old, but I think that’s probably as far as they’ll take it. Both Koneko and Kiba are more reserved so I can’t see it particularly bothering Akeno, Asia, or Rias

I’m not sure how it happened, but Issei getting an evolution for this sacred gear was pretty cool. Then, being able to transfer his boosted power to Kiba so that he could pull hundreds of swords out of the ground was pretty spectacular.

We also learnt that Dress Break would be completely ineffective on someone like Rias who is prepared to fight on with one boob exposed. I did find it funny that every time she hurt Riser he regenerated his clothes as well as his body part that had been obliterated. Maybe, Issei should have used it on him. He clearly didn’t want to show off too much skin…

High School DxD Uncensored Episode 11 Issei boosted gear evolution

Episode highlights

Mid-episode Transition!

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