Hundred (Episode 9) – Dragon Type

Hundred Title

Claire attempts to stop the renegade Slayers but even she might be in over her head. Luckily, her team catch up and turn the tide, but then something emerges from the lake that no one was expecting!

Hundred (Episode 9) – Dragon Type

What happened?

The appearance of sudden downpour has given the renegade Slayers the advantage they need to take the fight to Claire. She holds on admirably, but can’t defeat all three of them at once. Then, just as things are getting desperate, Hayato returns with the rest of the team. Emilia takes out one of the renegade Slayers and then has another on her knees. This prompts the third one to increase his Variant abilities to dangerous levels. There’s an unintended side-effect as it forces Hayato to see his memories.

With the battle almost over a strange thing emerges from the lake, drawing all focus on it. It’s a giant dragon-like Savage and it has incredible firepower. Claire manages to rally all of the other Slayers with projectile type Hundreds and plans to fire all at once, destroying the Savage’s shield. However, it doesn’t work. Some of the Slayers must have been injured during its last attack. Their only hope now is for Hayato to infect Claire with the Variant virus, allowing her to boost her power. To do that, he will have to kiss her!

Hundred Episode 9 Krovanh attacks

What did you think?

This episode has some pretty nice scenes. The fight in the rain was excellent and the neon glow of their Hundreds just added to the atmosphere. Surprisingly, Emilia was the highlight of this when she turned into a fighting machine with her variable Hundred. It was a welcome surprise mind you. She is a complete bad-ass. Hayato on the other hand seems to have one move. He holds his sword above his head and yells. That’s not exactly what I want from my swordsmen.

There was one moment that kind of pulled me out of the story. That was when Charlotte said that the only way to win was for Hayato to kiss Claire and transfer the Variant virus to her. But, of course. It had to happen. However, if my memory is correct, and it usually is, they accidentally kissed in episode 3 so she should already be infected if a kiss is all it takes! I don’t mind the absurdity of the kiss being the solution to the problem, just make sure that it didn’t already happen.

Hundred Episode 9 Emile Crossefode takes out Nesat

What have you learnt?

It was about time the Savages stepped up their game and went from being a complete pushover again, however, that game was largely thanks to the energy barrier it was able to create. Of course, it then just sat there in the air waiting for Hayato and Claire to find a nice spot to have a quick kiss. It had to be somewhere aesthetically pleasing. It was her first kiss after all…

As I said earlier, I have no problem with something like that being the only way to solve the issue at hand, but it needs to happen in a way that makes sense. There’s no time for formalities and pleasantries. Get it done and kill that thing. It’s also worth noting that once the shield was down, it was basically the same as the others. Just another sitting duck waiting for Hayato to smash its core. I feel like they could have done a little more to make the Savages truly menacing.

Hundred Episode 9 Hayato Kisaragi kisses Claire Harvey

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