Hundred (Episode 8) – Night at the Lake

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The teams have been assigned for the upcoming mission and Emilia is distraught to find that she’s in the same team as Claudia, her supposed best friend. Regardless, things are going well until the Slayers start getting picked off!

Hundred (Episode 8) – Night at the Lake

What happened?

Somehow, Claudia has got herself into the same team as Emilia, Hayato, Claire, and Erica. She’s determined to find a way to get Emilia to return to Gudenberg and will do anything to get rid of Hayato. As the first day of combat unfolds, Claudia forces Hayato to pretty much work as a support unit as she tries to prove that she and Emilia are better suited to fight together.

As night falls, the team split into two so that they can take turns sleeping. Emilia and Erica go first, and the shift is uneventful. For the second shift, Hayato tells Claire more about his sister. However, Claudia emerges from the bush and tells them she saw a large shadow near the lake and thinks they should check it out. Surprisingly, there is an actual Savage which they engage. Claire slips in a puddle and needs to be saved by Hayato. Before they can go back to camp, Claire decides to wash off the mud in the thermal lake.

Hundred Episode 8 Claire Harvey

What did you think?

Wow! How did this episode turn into a hot springs episode? I’m not complaining, just simply marvelling at the dedication of the writers to slip this in. Bravo! Anyhow, it was another episode that focused much more on the relationships between the characters at the expense of the action. Sure, there was some action, but the Savages have become incredibly tame since we first saw them. I’m a little disappointed that they’ve gone that way as you can certainly have action and harem comedy in one nice package.

I remembered this episode and specifically the lake scene from the first time I watched Hundred. It was without a doubt the moment that I knew Claire Harvey was the best girl in the series. She is far more conflicted and interesting than Emilia. Now, I still think Emilia and Hayato belong together. I have no problem with that. Just pointing out the obvious.

Hundred Episode 8 Claire Harvey washes herself

What have you learnt?

My favourite moment in this episode was how it started out showing us the goals for Claire and Hayato. She was fighting for a world where everyone would experience peace and security. However, when it really came down to it, she was fighting because of her family. She was at Little Garden to watch over her sister. I loved that she wondered if that made Hayato respect her less and I loved his response even more. He too wanted a world where people were free to follow whatever path they wanted, but he was also fighting for his sister.

It reminds me of the famous line from Spider-man – With great power, comes great responsibility. I love that line, but it’s fairly simplistic. It’s also something that seems to pop up in anime quite a lot. I am talking about the concept of Noblesse Oblige. The idea is that those with power should use it to help those without. Both of these concepts are great, but I like that they took it a step further in making their reasoning personal and a little selfish. It’s hard to put yourself on the line for others without something driving you. It added some realism to the character’s motivations and made them instantly more interesting.

Hundred Episode 8 Claire Harvey and Hayato Kisaragi at the lake

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