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Realising he’s been defeated, the goblin lord attempts to flee back to his nest to rebuild his army, however, Goblin Slayer has already been to his nest and is now ready to finish him off too! How will the dice fall?

What happened?

The goblin lord thought that he had escaped, but didn’t count on Goblin Slayer coming from the direction of his nest. He was covered in goblin blood and determined to slay this oversized goblin. They fought, however, Goblin Slayer clearly at a disadvantage when it came to power levels. After having his shield and sword broken, all he could do was lay there as the goblin lord stamped on his head and prepared to kill him.

However, Priestess emerged from the forest and cast Holy Protection, putting a shield between the goblin lord and Goblin Slayer. Then, she cast a second one trapping the goblin lord between the two. He begged and pleaded for his life, promising to live a life of peace. Goblin Slayer had heard it all before and climbed to his feet and sliced the goblin lord’s throat.

Goblin Slayer Episode 12 Goblin Slayer versus Goblin Lord

Back at the farm, Juu Senshi and Yaritsukai finished off the final two goblin champions as the other adventurers went about making sure all the other goblins were dead. After all, the got a cold coin for everyone that they killed.

Goblin Slayer returned to the farm to looks of wonder and joy. He leant on Priestess as he walked but it was clear that they had won. Musume welcomed him home and seemed delighted that they had survived.

Goblin Slayer Episode 12 Juu Senshi versus Goblin Champion

Everyone returned to the guild where they collected their rewards, which was one gold coin per goblin, regardless of the status of the goblin. That meant that Goblin Slayer got the one coin for the goblin lord. As he sat in the tavern watching the other adventurers drinking and enjoying their success, he slipped his gold coin into Priestess’ hand as she dozed on his shoulder. He then told Musume that he would like to be an adventurer.

After a brief sleep, Priestess woke and asked why he didn’t just put up a quest when he asked for help. He revealed that the same happened in his village and no one came. In an attempt to avoid such a fate, he rolled the dice. But was it luck? Priestess didn’t think so. She believed that he had touched everyone’s lives in one way or another and that whenever he needed help, they would all be there.

She then asked for a reward of her own. All she wanted was for Goblin Slayer to remove his helmet, which he did, much to the amazement of the occupants of the guild.

Goblin Slayer Episode 12 Yaritsukai versus Goblin Champion

What did you think?

This was a thoroughly satisfying way to end the season. The battle with the goblin lord was fierce and once again, it appeared that Goblin Slayer was out of his depth. Of course, that was just the way it seemed as he always has a plan hidden up his sleeve. This time, it was for Priestess to use her miracles as a weapon rather than a shield, and it worked. I love the way he comes up with different ways to use existing things.

The scene in the guild was the perfect way to end things, especially with everyone gawking at Goblin Slayer’s face. With all the carnage and horrendous things that happened in this series, it was amazing that we managed to end with a smile on our faces. I think this series deserves far more praise than it gets.

Goblin Slayer Episode 12 Goblin Slayer killing Goblin Lord

What have you learnt?

I love the idea that Goblin Slayer is just an average guy. He’s not even particularly strong as we saw in most of his battles when facing anything bigger than a regular goblin. He is, however, tenacious and devious, and that goes a long way to make him a far greater threat than he has any right to be by normal adventurer standards.

So, often we end up with a chosen one with some sort of overpowered ability, but Goblin Slayer is just a guy that won’t submit to the will of the gods, or even play by their rules. He’s not even trying to change the world. He just wants to kill all the goblins, and frankly, that’s a cause I can get behind after seeing this series.

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Series Information

English TitleGoblin Slayer
Japanese TitleGoblin Slayer
GenresActionAdventure, Dark Fantasy


Season One
SeasonGoblin Slayer
ReleasedFall 2018
Animation StudiosWhite Fox
1The Fate of Particular Adventurers
2Goblin Slayer
3Unexpected Visitors
4The Strong
5Adventures and Daily Life
6Goblin Slayer in the Water Town
7Onward Unto Death
8Whispers and Prayers and Chants
9There and Back Again
11A Gathering of Adventurers
12The Fate of an Adventurer
English TitleGoblin’s Crown
Japanese TitleGoblin’s Crown
ReleasedWinter 2020
Animation StudiosWhite Fox
Season Two
SeasonGoblin Slayer II
ReleasedFall 2023
Animation StudiosLIDENFILMS
1An Ordinary Spring Day
2The Red-Haired Wizard Boy
3The Training Grounds on the Outskirts of Town
4Onward to Adventure
5Beard-cutter, to the Southern River
6The Elven King’s Forest
7Jungle Cruise
8Heart of Darkness
9Once There Was Youth, Now There Is Nothing but Ash
10City Adventure
11The Princess’s Ordeal
12O Prayers, Have You Reached Heaven?


SeriesSide Story II: Dai Katana
AuthorKumo Kagyu
ArtistShougo Aoki
1The Fortress City
2There’s Always Tomorrow!
3Help and Help Alike!
4I Can Smell Blood!

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  1. I’ve often wondered why Goblin Slayer wasn’t rewarded for killing the Goblins still left at the nest–obviously he had already been busy by the time he fought the Goblin Lord. But then, I guess it’s because he’s more interested in killing them than in being rewarded for it, as we saw earlier in the series. . .

    • Yeah, and he’d have probably given it to Priestess anyhow. His reward is saving his farm and killing goblins. Looking forward to watching the movie next. I’ve not seen it before…

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