My Life as Inukai-san’s Dog (Episode 5) – Runaway

My Life as Inukai sans Dog Title 2

Karen takes Pochita to Mike’s apartment for a study date. When the parcel arrives, Pochita takes his chance to run to his home. However, he hadn’t factored in the size of the fence relative to his new body!

My Life as Inukai-san’s Dog (Episode 5) – Runaway

What happened?

Pochita catches a glimpse of his home as they walk to Mike’s apartment. However, they head straight inside so there was no time to make a run for it. Luckily, he still has the parcel that he arranged to arrive while they were there to distract them. Inside, he sits under the table while they play games. Pochita tries to move closer to the door, but Karen notices and wants him to stay close to her. Then, the doorbell rings. Mike answers it and receives a package from Karen. They’re both surprised. Perfect. Pochita makes a run for the door and then turns to jump the fence to his room. However, the fence is much larger than he remembered.

Mike catches up with him and tries to grab him. He remembers how she reacted the last time they were together and starts to climb inside her shirt. If he gets it right, she’ll throw him across the opening. After some fervent licking, Mike does indeed throw him away. Luckily, he lands on his balcony. Surprisingly, the door is open and there’s a girl in his room. He hurries inside and hides beneath her skirt. He recognises her as Usagi, his only friend from the gardening club. She’s searching through his room and finds Valentine’s chocolate which stirs some more memories from Pochita’s subconscious. Then, Usagi grinds her body against the corner of his desk… Does she like him?

My Life as Inukai sans Dog Episode 5 Usagi Tsukishiro rubbing herself on Pochitas desk

What did you think?

So, the parcel arrives and Pochita makes his escape. I’m still frustrated that he didn’t just send some messages to anyone that would listen, but it is what it is! Of course, it was Mike that manage to catch up with him as Karen wouldn’t have been so easy to slip away from. I’m not sure where Karen was when all this was going on though. Then, Pochita makes the ultimate gamble. Getting “fresh” with Mike may well make her throw him into the air, but there was no guarantee that he would make it to his apartment. She could have just as likely tossed him off the balcony to his demise. There’s some serious plot armour going on here.

Then, we meet Usagi from beneath her dress and quickly discover that she’s not much more normal than Karen. While tending to his plants, she searches his room for porn, finds some chocolate which she throws in the garbage and then rubs her crotch against the corner of his desk. It’s all too ridiculously funny. It helps that this show isn’t the least bit serious, but things are getting crazier and crazier. At some point, I hope we find out how he became a dog and that it is just as insane. Anything less would be a let down at this stage.

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