My Life as Inukai-san’s Dog (Episode 7) – The “Come Home” Test

My Life as Inukai sans Dog Title 2

Usagi is claiming that Sensei is her dog while Karen says Pochita is hers. Luckily, Mike has an idea of how they can resolve this. She calls it the “come home” test and it will tell them once and for all whose dog it is!

My Life as Inukai-san’s Dog (Episode 7) – The “Come Home” Test

What happened?

Usagi is thankful that they found her and helped her get back to normal, although it was obviously Pochita who took care of her. Anyhow, Usagi calls the dog Sensei because he reminds her of her friend and Karen is calling him Pochita. Both are trying to claim the dog is theirs. Before it breaks into a full-on fight, Mike suggests a way to prove whose dog it is. She has Karen and Usagi sit on the floor with their legs spread. Whichever lap Pochita goes to is obviously the owner… obviously!

However, Pochita has realised that the Valentine’s chocolate may be the thing that turned him into a dog. He needs to find the girl in the lab coat that gave him it. She should have some answers. His best bet for that is to go with Karen. However, as soon as he takes a step towards Karen’s open legs, Usagi slips a dog bone into her panties and entices Pochita to her. It’s possible that Pochita’s instincts took over as he ended up between Usagi’s legs. Karen was distraught, but then as Usagi celebrated the bone fell out of her panties. Mike declared Karen the winner, but this battle was far from over!

My Life as Inukai sans Dog Episode 7 Mike Nekotani comes up with a way for Usagi Tsukishiro and Karen Inukai to solve things

What did you think?

I mentioned a few episodes back about how they broke the plot by having Pochita order something with a phone but not message anyone about his predicament. For the record, I’m still annoyed at that. Well, that may have broken the plot, but this episode has more than made up for any failings. This was the most utterly ridiculous thing I’ve seen in ages. Even forgetting that Pochita is actually a high school student, the idea of two girls sitting on the floor with their legs spread as they try to entice a dog towards them is insane. Insanely funny!

So, Usagi sticking a none in her panties just elevated things to another level of absurdity. I don’t know how they will maintain this level of comedy, but I hope they do. Seriously, I still can’t work out how I managed to stop myself from waking everyone in the neighbourhood with my laughter. The story is still crazy, but I like that we have a goal for Pochita once more. At least, he’s got some agency. Now, if you don’t mind, I’m off to play the “Come Home” game…

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