In the Land of Leadale (Episode 10) – A Butler, a Ghost Ship, a Ward, and the Palace of the Dragon King

In the Land of Leadale Title

Cayna finds that all of the inhabitants of the village have been turned into zombies. The only survivor is a little girl and two other players who are unaffected by the fog!

In the Land of Leadale (Episode 10) – A Butler, a Ghost Ship, a Ward, and the Palace of the Dragon King

What happened?

There appears to be no one in the village but for a border of zombies. Cayna turns suddenly and attacks, but instead of a zombie, she finds a female adventurer that she met at the guild. Her first instinct is to accuse the adventurer of trying to attack her and then creating the zombie fog! She tells her that there is a survivor and her companion in the cellar of a building. If she’s lying Cayna will blow up the entire village.

Cayna meets with a Dragonoid adventurer will a level of 630 who she is surprised to learn was a member of her old guild. He’s actually been summoned to this world in his second avatar. Originally, he went by the username Tartarus, although Cayna called him Tartar Sauce. Now, he calls himself Exis. His companion is another player called Quolkeh and it turns out she is a player too, but she was a he in the real world!

They discover that the fog has been created by a skeleton pirate and is a quest in the game. Leaving the child in the care of Cayna’s were-cat butler, Roxilius, they head out to clear the quest. And clear they do. It took Exis one hit to take it down. The fog lifted and the coast was safe once more. Cayna dived down to the Palace of the Dragon King on her blue dragon and became the master after giving a giant pink frog some HP. When she got back to the surface, she adopted Luka and teleported Exis and Quolkeh back to the capital.

In the Land of Leadale Episode 10 Cayna ready to kick ass

What did you think?

This was possibly the least satisfying zombie episode of anything ever. I think we saw two zombies and they didn’t actually do anything. Then, they defeated the skeleton pirate in seconds. Even Exis was surprised at how quickly they did it. Finally, Cayna swam down to the underwater guardian’s tower, but not before revealing that she couldn’t swim. I’m thinking we should have been given a little more information about the water spirits she summon in the last episode to help her… oh, well!

Then, Cayna adopted a child… I hope she treats Luka more like Lytt and not her actual children who she regularly tortures and kills! Cayna is the most wildly inconsistent character I’ve experienced in a long time. She definitely does better when she’s with other players and these two were fun. Quolkeh would have been me. I almost always use a girl avatar in games. Had to laugh at him trying to change his speech patterns to appear more feminine. Needn’t have bothered. There are plenty of women with deep voices.

In the Land of Leadale Episode 10 Exos Cayna and Quolke

What have you learnt?

We learnt a little more about Cayna before her death. It would appear that she had put more than twenty thousand hours into Leadale. Now, that might sound like a lot, but as I mentioned a couple of episodes ago, if she was in a state where she couldn’t move or do much other than look around, being able to dive into a VRMMORPG would have been a blessing. If it happened to me and that was available, I wouldn’t log out.

We also discovered that Cayna does not like frogs! More importantly, there are nine more guardians for her to awaken and only two more episodes… I don’t think we’re going to see much of a conclusion to this season if we get one at all. I can see it just ending on a happy note with everyone laughing about something mundane. It’s not been a bad series, but it has lacked a bit of drive. It also feels like it’s rushing as well. That would explain why every quest takes an episode or two, making it feel a little disjointed.

In the Land of Leadale Episode 10 Cayna Luka and Roxilius

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  1. I am also wondering where this season will leave us. Are they going to fast-forward through the other towers? Leave us hanging? I, too, thought the zombies and the ensuing battle was lackluster. Not my favorite, for sure.

    • From what I’ve learnt of the source material, there was a scene where she was surrounded by an entire horde of zombies and had to fight her way out. I’m sure it would have been easy, but it would have at least been entertaining. I feel like they’ve gone a little too fast with everything.

What did you think?